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  1. Coggin Ford dealership oil change disaster

    Fortunately I have the ability to conduct the majority of maintenance and service myself. To date the only issue with a recall was when I took it in for the windshield seal and they must have hit the hero switch for the rear locker. I drove about five miles before I realized the locker was engaged.
  2. My totaled Raptor moved to Mexico

    I bet it has less todo with expense and more to do with road worthy regulations if it is in fact returned to the road. Since it is a Braptor, they may just make it operational to run strict off road.
  3. 2023 MIC Hardtop bubbling and peeling - Repair options? (Warranty claim denied)

    No way in hell this isn’t a warranty issue. All the trouble they have had with this top, there is no way it isn’t on them.
  4. Ford Dealer Lots OVERFLOWING! Bronco Lot Rot

    My dealer had all 2023 Broncos under sticker, yet they have a 2024 listed at $5000 over.
  5. Resolved: Speed Limit Sign in Instrument Panel?

    I don’t think the speed limit icon on the dash display is a very good test to determine if you are crazy.
  6. Interior fishing rod rack

    Fact for the future. Surf rods don’t fit inside two doors.lol
  7. Dealer Markups on 2024 Bronco Raptors

    https://www.bobbellford.com/inventory/new-2023-ford-bronco-raptor%c2%ae-4x4-4-door-1fmee5jr7plb92152/ A tad over $3K UNDER sticker at the dealer I ordered my Bronco through. They have three Bronco Raptors in stock.
  8. Badlands Sasquatch has terrible MPG

    Guessing the speed limit out there was 80, and you were most likely doing it at a minimum. Those larger tires, and different gearing come at a price when cruising civilized pavement.
  9. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco Raptor?

    If anyone ask if I have a vanity plate I just tell them “ yes land then proceed to make up something based on whatever the MVA randomly supplies. People have no idea if I paid for a vanity or not.
  10. The Food Thread

    Fried Oysters straight from the Chesapeake. Obviously you will have to take my word for this.
  11. The Bronco Kick

    I have to take two Tylenol just from looking at your pic. Enjoy your Bronco.
  12. Raccoon and mice invade Bronco engine bay

    Occasionally spraying the engine bay with a concoction made of Irish Spring soap, or body wash and water works wonders. Not sure about the effect it has on racoons but mice and squirrels do not fancy the aroma.
  13. Looking for Recommendations for Running Boards for 2024 2-Door Badlands

    IAG has both steps and running boards that simply attach to the rock rails from the factory. I went with the running boards because they allow me easier access to the roof area as I shuffle along the boards. The steps would not give me the same access. Easy install and they occasionally have...
  14. Hello from Brooklyn!

    You can pick my wife and I up from the Brooklyn cruise pier in June in your new Bronco and run us over to Penn station. Welcome to the forum.
  15. What if......

    Pure fantasy V8 , The looks of this rig alone cries out for a V8. , Did I mention a V8. Most likely won’t happen Tailgate Things that shouldn’t be a dream and simply need to be addressed Windows that rattle when only have down. No question the hard top should have been created without any...
  16. 2Dr or 4? New Member

    The only true negative of the 2D is the lack of aftermarket accessories due to companies catering to the larger 4D take rate. However, the superior coolness one experiences in the 2D instantly neutralizes that issue.
  17. STUCK and SMASHED Snow Wheeling 🫣 [VIDEO]

    The cost to replace all the dental fillings will be enormous, not to mention the facial reconstruction bill after the intimate meeting with the steering wheel. On the bright side, all the gaps that create the rushing air noises have been remedied.
  18. 3rd gen Starlink mobile tested in the canyon - mounted on MIC hard top! (Replacement equipped with magnetic bracket)

    I can’t help but believe the attachment points will eventually cause stress failure on the MIC top. Other then that…nice.
  19. Haven't 100% decided on a Bronco yet, but we really want one...

    My 2011 F 150 crew cab 4x4 Lariat is like a luxury vehicle in ride and comfort ( well because it is) compared to my two door Badlands Bronco. However, the Bronco is way more capable for what it was built for, plus the hard top comes off. If your wife likes the comfort of an SUV, the Bronco may...
  20. Build updates, wish this would update. I called Ford. They told me, "in production to them is it's built" and should be ready for shipping soon. ?

    If your dealer is decent, they simply can go on line through their Ford connection and “ read” the current status of your Bronco.