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  1. 4/25 Build Week assembly photos?

    Anyone in the 4/25 build week get a built email/photo off assembly?
  2. Build came thru by taking off tow pkg & hard top

    My dealer called today to say they got my VIN/Build week first of April. Just revised my order Monday, taking off the tow pkg and hard top. 9/21/21 reservation/order. OB LUX.
  3. Interior OBX

    What's the deal with the blue stitching and blue accents on the interiors. Ordered shadow black with blk/roast marine interior. I don't think it looks good at all.
  4. Todays FORD EMAIL

    Initial order 9/3/21. Pushed to 22 model 10/13/21 reorder. Was advised by dealer the hard top/tow package was not a hindrance on 22s. Now I see it still is. Anyone in same position?