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  1. Bronco Raptor spotted in Detroit with clear look at fender gills

    Ford would never make that unfortunately because that spot in their lineup is filled with the Expedition. SMH You(below) Vs the Man she tells you not to worry about (above)
  2. Bronco Raptor spotted in Detroit with clear look at fender gills

    I bet that's somebody trolling. Probably got one of those fix it or pay a fine tickets for not having proper fender clearance.
  3. Fender vents on Bronco Raptor …why is no one talking about them?

    I am guessing most people have a neutral or negative opinion about the vents. I doubt they server any real function other than making the Raptor version look more aggressive. I think everyone has noticed; I just don't think most people care.
  4. Fender vents on Bronco Raptor …why is no one talking about them?

    Sunk Cost. If you already have money invested in getting a non raptor bronco then you have to convince yourself you don't actually want the raptor version. Otherwise you have to accept you made an expensive purchasing mistake. I say let people complain. Of course there are also people here who...
  5. Ford Bronco Raptor Drops Camo For a Revealing Look… Likely to Get ~450 HP

    While I heartily agree I think Ford cares about shareholders more than dealers and dealers more then customers. Compare Rivian and Tesla’s market cap to Fords and you’ll see why they would be more interested in selling hype then cars unfortunately.
  6. Toy Broncos are here!

    I've seen the Maisto cars at costco, but I think restock is a little hit or miss.
  7. hardtop prep kit

    I can't 'confirm' it in the sense that I haven't done an order, but I am 100% certain that is exactly what the prep kit is. This is something Ford felt forced to add after their hardtop fiasco as a way to convince customers to order fewer hardtops for the 21/22 model years
  8. Who wants a retro grille like this besides me?

    Not me, but lots of people. Even Ford seems to realize this because there has been "heritage edition" leaks in the past. Seems like that has been put on hold for now though(maybe because the mod top got canned?)
  9. Aftermarket Hardtops When?

    Lol. I literally emailed them to ask that months ago. No response. I hope their product is better then their communication. In all seriousness I want a taller aftermarket roof. Afaik the only ones making “safari tops” for the jeep are smittybuilt and patriot fastbacks. Although gr8tops has one...
  10. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    Well I do have a close relative thinking about getting rid of his sub 30k mile late model FJ cruiser. Of course those things are so popular now it would cost as much as a Bronco
  11. 🦖 Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed and Teased by Ford!

    It's probably a waste of time to speculate because I'm sure we will get the full reveal within the next week, but I do think this image is probably the closest I've seen yet to what we will see in the final product. And I'm probably just as guilty as you speculating about this. As far as the...
  12. Rendered Illustration of Ford Raptor

    I expect the fenders to have a more squared off look to better mirror the appearance of the Bronco R. Of course The Bronco R's fenders are not street legal so they are not going to be able to copy those lines exactly.
  13. Rendered Illustration of Ford Raptor

    Re: Price I think it's pretty obvious Ford wants to stretch out this platform's pricing from 30k(for those 299 lease ads) to 100k fully loaded. As such I expect pricing to start at 75k, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong. A no frills 60k version would be tempting for me
  14. Rendered Illustration of Ford Raptor

    Oh god don't tell me ford is going to sponsor the "jeeps" in the new film.... And that's why the teaser bronco is red with black and yellow(lighting) highlights Edit: The internet uh finds a way...
  15. Idaho Bronco

    @djp Yeah it was definitely squatting a bit. I think the consensus on the forums is that 21 Bronco is sacrificing Towing capacity for a smoother ride off road. I'm pretty sure this one was a non-sasquatch Badlands version if that makes any difference.
  16. Idaho Bronco

    Finally saw a customer bronco irl(near the mall of course) in Boise. Too bad it’s not mine
  17. Aftermarket Hardtops When?

    The only after market top that I am aware of being announced is an Ursa Minor pop up camper cover(4 door only) and it's way too early to count your chickens on even that. https://ursaminorvehicles.com/campers/b30-bronco-pop-top.html Personally I'm holding out for a safari top just because I...
  18. OUTER BANKS 35X15.50

    As someone who doesn't get emotionally invested in other people's dumb decisions I hate it, but like seeing other people hate it more then I hate it.
  19. Best reason yet to grab a MY21

    going off the article I read on the subject it would be a camera in your car monitoring you and your passengers 24/7 with “ai face recognition” to interpret if you are drunk, asleep, or forgetting your toddler. Worth mentioning Tesla already has something like this as a CYA for their “self...
  20. Bronco 2.7L issues - CEL codes and airbag warning light

    You do know that your fuel pump primarily relies on the fuel it is sitting in to keep it from overheating do you not? I have had to replace my 2002 f-150 fuel pump twice in the past 100k miles. Now I never let it go under a 1/4 tank.