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  1. Finally a cooler rack!!

    I have been bugging my buddies at WFO since I got my Bronco two years ago to build a cooler rack for them. At last my nagging has paid off!!
  2. WFO Concepts Interior gear rack

    So I have been bugging the guys at WFO since I got my bronco about making bronco parts. They just wrapped up the interior cargo rack for 4 door broncos and it is beautiful. They are prototyping a rear cooler rack right now with my bronco so it will be out soon but this is a great rack for the 4...
  3. California Sold: BAMF Tailgate reinforcement plate FREE

    Thats right. Free BAMF tailgate tire reinforcement plate. Not going to use it and tired of it being in my way, and the owner is a jerk. FREE!!! Come get it. Absolutely no shipping, no meetup, you come and get it. Located in Newcastle Ca. Donation of Modelo is recommended but not necessary! LOL
  4. Where is your cooler?????

    What it is everyone doing for storage of there coolers?? Are you tossing them in the back? Is there anything out there to hold a cooler? A cooler is a big bulky item that eats up a ton of room, not to mention if you forget to latch it and get off camber it can leak out inside the vehicle. I have...
  5. MetalCloak full underside skid plates system installed on 2-door Bronco

    Got Metalcloak full belly skidplates installed today. These things are beefy. Very impressed with fitment and finish. Recessed bolt heads are very nice touch. Can't wait to try them out. They should be available to purchase now or soon. I loaned out my bronco for test fitment of the prototype...
  6. Barrett Lake 4wd Trail Labor day weekend

    Ended up making a quick trip to Barrett Lake this last weekend. Unfortunately had to shoot back out Saturday after one of the jeeps with us broke a driveline and could not fix it. So trip got cut short. We went in about 3-4 miles. Fun trail, haven't been in a few years.
  7. 70th Jeepers Jamboree rubicon trip! Warning no Broncos

    Went to the 70th Jeepers Jamboree this last weekend and had an epic time! For anyone that is curious about doing the rubicon the is a great trip to do. They take care of everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything! They get you thru the trail with spotters and rock rollers, and have...
  8. Rubicon Trip Photo Gallery

    Just got back. The bronco did awesome. Only went in from the Tahoe side to the springs, up and down Cadillac Hill, and camped at Dirty Dozen. No issues, goung to unpack and will get some more pictures up later. Pics More
  9. California Sold: Badlands Sasquatch Coilovers

    Selling all 4 badlands Sasquatch bilsteins coilovers and upper control arms. They came off a 2 door with the 2.7 and auto. Located in Sacramento California area. Would prefer not to ship. These things are big and heavy. About 6k miles on them. $800
  10. California Sold: 5 Badlands Sasquatch wheels and tires

    Just what the title says. I have 5 badlands Sasquatch wheels and tires. About 6k miles on 4 and zero on one. Sensors included. $1200 for all 5. Located in Sacramento area. No shipping. Also have the badlands sas bilsteins in another listing if interested in a whole package. Everything off a 2...
  11. Spare delete to cooler rack

    Does it exist?!!?? I want to ditch the spare and put a cooler in its place. More specifically an arb fridge. Anyone know of a delete that adds the ability to have a cooler rack. Having a two door, throwing it in the back pretty much eats up al the space behind the rear seats. Tia!
  12. Radflo coilovers install and first impressions

    So last weekend I finally was able to get time to install the radflo extended length coilovers and camburg upper control arms. Also installed some foutz motorsports rear lower shock skids as well. Install was pretty straightforward, with the rear obviously being much easier. So after driving it...
  13. 37s installed and my tie rods didn't even break!

    Got my 37s and beadlocks all mounted up today so thought I would throw them on to see if they fit without installing my radflo coilovers. Well they are tight but they fit. Slight rub on back of the front wheel well at full lock when hitting a bump. Probably run them until next weekend when I get...
  14. Radflo coilover availability

    Hello all. Just ordered a set of the radflo coilovers and they were in stock and shipped immediately. One of the guys in my 4wd club is a radflo dealer and hooked me up. If anyone else is interested in getting a set they are readily available for right now. DM me and I can give you contact...
  15. Goose gear tailgate table installed!

    Received my Goose gear tailgate table yesterday and just got done installing it. Incredibly easy and this thing is beautiful. Well worth the money and wait. Anyone on the fence I would recommend getting one. Took 20mins to install.
  16. Where's the underhood light???

    Well there isn't one! So I decided to fix that. I am going to eventually make a bracket and mount an arb compressor under the hood. Without some lighting under there it would be a pain airing up at night. I used one of the KC cyclone pod lights. I bought the two light set but ended up only using...
  17. Highly experienced wheeler, just got my badlands!

    Hey everyone I finally just received my new 2 door bronco badlands. Very happy with it so far. I live near the rubicon and am looking forward to putting it to use. I wheel alot, and have raced king of the hammers mutiple times as well as competitive rockcrawling with the calrocs circuit. Looking...