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  1. Auto down windows with unlock…

    Yeah, all down “global down” is tap then hold unlock, takes a couple seconds. Some of the newer broncos were getting the 1/2 inch drop not at opening the door, but at unlock, I’m hoping to have that programmed when I get the other two recalls done.
  2. Bronco Branded Tools Roll-up Kit

    I used the 15% off and ford points, got it for $150, seemed like a good deal. I believe the ford accessories site says it takes 14 days to ship, which means they probably order from the motley site, then send to me after they get it, hence back ordered. For you guys that already have it, does...
  3. Auto down windows with unlock…

    Can I ask the dealer for that re-programming on my ‘23? Also, if I only unlock the driver’s door, is that the only one that comes down, or do all 4?
  4. Coggin Ford dealership oil change disaster

    Not Ford, but Nissan. I sent 18 yo son to get oil changed in his (my) Frontier. I got home and saw this. I asked him to come outside and tell me what he thought was going on, he was unsure, but I knew, loose oil filter.
  5. Issues with new Bronco

    Your Bronco came with the small toolkit in the glovebox right? What you think it’s for?
  6. Ford Dealer Lots OVERFLOWING! Bronco Lot Rot

    One of my local dealers has 20, including 3 raptors, one over $100k. Many are used, very low miles, at or above msrp. I’ll check back with them this summer and see how it’s going.
  7. Sasquatch "Road Focused" Tire/Wheel Recommendations?

    How about sas takeoffs? They’re around.
  8. Ford markets a Black diamond:

    ChatGPT and Dall e 3 to the rescue. Here’s your AI Bronco on the black diamond slopes… (I’m not worried about the robots taking over yet.)
  9. Picked up my 2024 Bronco Raptor today

    She’s a real beaut’ Clark.
  10. Constructively Placed

    That’s called “rail mountain”. It can be 6-8 months tops. (J/K) Actually, it’s on a rail siding, the unloaders are backed up, your rail car is waiting its turn to be unloaded, it’s on a side rail outside the mainline and unload area. Mine was constructively placed for 2 days, then offloaded...
  11. To Wave or not to Wave?

    I do remember this one time about a week after we got the bronco in Feb ‘23, we (me, wife and son) were sitting at a red light waiting to turn left and another bronco was crossing, passing in front of us, the wife (driver) and 3 kids all pointing and waving at us smiling and us waving and...
  12. To Wave or not to Wave?

    I flash my AUX switched bronco grill letters. Most other bronco owners point back at me as if to say, “you da man”.
  13. Haven't 100% decided on a Bronco yet, but we really want one...

    For us, the bronco took the place of our jeep wrangler for weekend fun, but has a better highway ride (independent front suspension) to get to said weekend fun. And the better ride also allows for daily driver use and (shutters!) trips to mall. But it is a $30k vehicle with $15k worth of...
  14. No Ragrets- which mod do you wish you hadn’t?

    Is the “residual value” in writing? I can see the bronco being “valued” above msrp at the end of the lease and costing you more…
  15. My Bronco T-boned broadsided by a Pathfinder at 50 mph. Walked away with small scrape on arm

    I might have missed it, but did insurance total it out?
  16. Used 2022 Base Base dealer price

    I also thought, that’s a lot of miles for 1 1/2 or so years.
  17. Used 2022 Base Base dealer price

    2022 Base, aftermarket MT wheels and AT tires. ~1 1/2 years old, 45k miles, $6k price drop, still asking $35,880. Is this still considered Bronco hype markup or regular current market markup?
  18. Why do Bronco owners drive so slow?

    Broncos are for being seen: you can’t notice my trim side sticker, backlit Bronco letters, or stubby antenna if I zip past you at 90+mph. But seriously, I have a sports car for driving fast, the bronco is a truck with big tires and suspension, it ain’t made for all that.
  19. Key Fob Programming MUST DO (to have fully functioning OEM key fob spares)

    If you program a new third fob with the two original, does the new third become an original to then program a fourth with, or would a 4th fob need the original two again?
  20. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    36” wreath, 48” zip ties, usb powered lights and a red bow. My wife’s daily, she’s happy.