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  1. How many miles?

    Just under 35K.
  2. Sirius XM all station/channel presets are gone

    I don't know if Sirius XM changed all the channels (again), or if a Ford software update went wonky, but suddenly all of my satellite radio presets are all gone. Went through the process to save them (turn to channel, hold button down until it shows preset saved), the channels I saved have the...
  3. Front & Rear dashcams installed with pics & links to products

    For those of us with Broncos that come from the factory with several cameras - backup camera in the spare tire carrier, front camera in the grill, cameras in both side mirrors - how can we save/record the video from those cameras that are already there, wired, paid for, and working? Surely...
  4. Secret compartments & features. Post yours!

    For such a large, boxy vehicle with the aerodynamics of a barn door, I'm rather disappointed in the lack of interior storage compartments. The small area under the rear floor is ok, but there's a ton of space under the floor, above the rear axle, that Ford could have used to greatly increase the...
  5. Bringing Your Bronco the Best Buys- Method Wheel Group Buys!

    Long shot, but would the group buy possibly extend to 8 lug wheels? I drive a '22 Badlands Sasquatch as my daily driver and am happy with the stock wheels - but I would love a set of Method beadlocks for my '71 Bronco project - it has 3/4 ton axles with 8 x 6.5 bolt pattern hubs.
  6. Is anyone making a kit to turn the two door into a pickup?

    FORD: Start with a Bronco 4 door chassis, for the wheelbase. Use the front clip (hood, grill, fenders) and the doors of a 2 door Bronco (they're longer than a 4 doors' front doors), extend the cab rearward about 18 inches or so, build a back wall and incorporate a rear window (basically an...
  7. Anyone Know What This Gauge is Measuring?

    If you look closely, you'll notice that gauge is connected to the fuel level as well - when it's showing 7, 8 psi of boost most of the time (like doing 80+ mph into a headwind, with the A/C on full blast, on a 108* day), you can see the fuel level drop visibly.
  8. How to reduce noise in the backseat when the hardtop is off.

    Leave the mother in law at home?
  9. Swapping wildtrack grille with camera with base badlands is it possible ?

    I swapped a Base grill onto my Badlands. There is a small plastic bar in the center of the Base grill that needs to be removed (5 seconds with a Dremel) it's in the way of the camera mount. Once it's gone, camera bracket bolts right up to the Base grill - all the screw and bolt holes are...
  10. Low power from a dead stop

    Ford intentionally limits engine power in 1st and even 2nd gear to prevent warranty repairs on driveline components. You can probably get around that with an aftermarket tune, but that will void your warranty. Gotta love it when you pay $60K (or more) for a brand new vehicle that's marketed for...
  11. Central TX Bronco Club

    Cars & Coffee at COTA TOMORROW Sunday April 30th 8 am. Bring out your Bronco, no matter what Gen. I'll be there - 2 door BadSquatch, Carbo Gray. If there is a recommended Bronco parking area, post it up.
  12. Muddy water fording alternator issue fix: TSB 22-2392 -- Mud Accumulation in Generator

    Considering the amount of room available in a Bronco engine compartment, and the fact that Broncos are sold to and used by people who take them OFF ROAD (and sometimes - gasp - into WATER), how hard would it have been for Ford to mount the alternator a little.....higher, maybe? Possibly, oh, I...
  13. Aftermarket expanded fuel tank on the 2 door?

    There's room at the front of the stock tank, next to the transfer case, that would allow a few more gallons, if the tank was shaped to fit into that space. Lots of room under the floor, on the driver's side of the driveshaft for an aux. tank, if the exhaust pipe didn't take up so much room. If...
  14. Motor Trend: 2025 Ford Bronco Pickup - What We Know

    Yep. 2 door, extended cab, on a 4 door chassis, with a decent size bed. Rear wheelwells centered on the bedsides. Baby 'Zilla 6.8L V8, manual trans. AEV made a Jeep TJ "Brute" that was just about perfect - didn't have an extended cab, but it was close.
  15. Will 5 wheels + factory tires fit in cargo area with the seat down?

    Not a Bronco, but I once fit four 35x12.50's mounted on 15x8 wheels into an XJ Cherokee - 3 standing up side by side up against the back of the front seats, the 4th standing up sideways inside the hatch. A 5th wheel/tire went on the roof rack (lifting it up there was fun). Hauled them from...
  16. How to flat foot crank after oil change

    I could see it coming in handy after going through deep water and possibly ingesting some water through the air filter intake. Worried about hydro-locking your engine? (Water doesn't compress. Or oil. Or fuel.) Tow it onto dry land, pull the plugs, flat foot crank to clear everything out...
  17. Do you actually use your Bronco Trail Camera?

    Has anyone found a way to record the video from the existing cameras? I know dashcams are cheap, but if the vehicle already has cameras, there's got to be a way to access the video and record it on a memory card or hard drive.
  18. Legacy Bronco Owners Thread...

    '71, powdercoated frame, Dana 60 rear, Dana 44 front, 8 lug outers, 12" discs all around, PS, PB, 351W, ZF, all new all steel body from Rust Belt Broncos... and a few custom touches to the interior. You may recognize the dash vents and center console. Seats are Mercedes power heated leather.
  19. Bronco 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G -- Generations Compared

    Actually, it's: Bronco. Soccer Mom Bronco Limo. Flex with a slightly different body.