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  1. Vin says Badlands

    5A = 2-door 4WD 5B = 4-door 4WD 5C = 2-door AWD 5D = 4-door AWD
  2. Thinking about Ordering

    My Dealer didn't play any games. I did pay cash. Did not have a trade. Obviously no interest. One add-on I authorized was ceramic window tint because the dealership's quote was $100 better than any of the independent shops I got a quote from. (most places were $600-700, dealer's guy was $499)
  3. Ford Dealer Lots OVERFLOWING! Bronco Lot Rot

    When you account for sales tax, the price increase is just shy of $14k. Ford also upped the BS delivery fee by $400 or so. Base was $28,500. Out the door, with TTL, mine was $32 or so. No way would I have paid $46k for this truck.
  4. Resolved: Speed Limit Sign in Instrument Panel?

    Nope. Never seen it ever in my Base. Only the higher trims have it.
  5. Complimentary Ford Pick Up & Delivery and Ford Mobile Service — Vehicle Service That Fits Your Life

    I had to drive my Bronco from the back lot when I picked it up, because my sales guy didn't know how to drive a stick shift. And Ford wants me to hand the keys (fob) to some rando to drive it across town and back?
  6. Inadequate Headlight Brightness. Aftermarket head light recommendations?

    My Base model (non signature) are the brightest headlights I have ever had on any vehicle in my life. Lows and highs both.

    Zach, shoot me a pm on availability for a different vehicle. 2020 F-150 SXT.
  8. Badlands Sasquatch has terrible MPG

    Gear ratios don't help either. 6th gear at 0.646:1 is too much. You can get better mpg in 5th, since the engine often needs boost just to keep up normal freeway speed in 6th. 5th should have been around 0.82, and 6th at 0.7
  9. Badlands Sasquatch has terrible MPG

    My Mustang GT got better than sticker, even with the AC on and the top down. Bronco is the first and only vehicle I have ever owned that got worse MPG on the freeway vs town though.
  10. Why would there be 80 miles on new Bronco?

    Mine had 74. Sometimes Ford puts a few extra miles on it.
  11. Badlands Sasquatch has terrible MPG

    On my 2-door base with it's factory minivan tires, I get 24 in town, 21 on the freeway. Bronco is a brick, I got better MPG in my Mustang GT.
  12. Badlands Sasquatch has terrible MPG

    He's in Utah, not a silly east coast state. Average traffic is probably doing 85. Keeping 20 under traffic is a recipe for road rage.
  13. Anyone know how to make the 'recirc' button stay on longer then 1 minute?

    Mine stays on. I see thread after thread on this issue, but mine behaves exactly as I expect. I have the manual HVAC (Base)
  14. Dealer wants $350 to program 2 key fobs

    I've already had to use my key once. Bronco was completely unresponsive after work one day. Used the key to unlock the door, then the alarm goes off, then it started up easy-peasy, didn't even have to use the hole in the bottom of the console. No idea why it did that, unless I somehow...
  15. Used Value Dropping Fast

    Manheim still shows my Base at 3k more than I paid for her even with 15k miles on the clock.
  16. Well guys… I sold the bronco

    Significantly louder than the old 2007 Expedition I sold when Ford finally built my bronco. Less loud than my last Mustang convertible. Much, much, louder than the wife's 2020 F-150
  17. Rubber coating on the window switches - wearing off already

    Anyone else have the rubber wearing off of the window switches already. I noticed when driving to work today that the coating on the driver side switch is starting to peel at the end. Only 15k miles.
  18. Why not have a solid top?

    Last week of January and I am already running the Air Conditioner.
  19. Anybody pulled over by cops for tires poking out from fender flares?

    Very Technically correct. ARS 28-958.0 The way the law is written is that all trucks and trailers need mud flaps, no more than 8" off the ground. But pickups are exempt if they are factory height. (18" isn't in the statute, it just says "raised center of gravity) If MVD considers the Bronco...
  20. Anybody pulled over by cops for tires poking out from fender flares?

    All my vehicles are $1000 deductible, $0 on glass. Going 2-years in AZ without a cracked windshield is a miracle, irrespective of the window angle.