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  1. Is this the driveshaft boot issue?

    The bronco makes a chirping noise once warm and only when moving. Sitting idle in park- no noise. Sitting idle in drive- no noise. Only happens when in motion. I think I read others with this noise it was the driveshaft boot? Listen and you’ll hear it despite the wind noise.
  2. Triple fog light kit not working

    Please see attached thread. Any ideas? https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/help-needed-ideas-fog-lights-not-working.71767/
  3. Help needed/ideas? Fog lights not working

    Background- Purchased the Oracle triple fog light kit in amber. Total amp draw is 7.5 amps. Bought the factory fog light switch (just fronts not rears) since my WT came with the mod bumper. Lux package so fog light harnesses were present near each tow hook. Long term plan- wire one light each...
  4. Wiring Oracle Triple Fog kit

    So I received this fog light kit from Oracle- https://www.oraclelights.com/products/bronco-triple-fog-kit?_pos=1&_sid=d5d765c87&_ss=r Obviously very simple to wire the whole thing to an aux switch. What I want to do is wire one light on each side to the fog light switch (I have Lux/mod bumper-...
  5. Couple of questions about fog lights from a wiring moron

    I’ve ordered Oracles triple fog light kit for the mod steel bumper. 23 WT LUX. I have the AUX switches and assuming I have the factory fog light switch wiring (checking today). I have the new switch assembly coming (M2DZ-11654-DC). Couple of questions- my plan is to have one light per side...
  6. Ford Pass App not updating; not seeing network

    Just traded in for a 2023 Wildtrak a few weeks ago. Got the app all set up and it was working fine. Noticed in the last week that my mileage, gas left to empty, etc was not updating on the app. Then I went into settings on the bronco and checked WiFi and noticed it no longer sees my network. I...
  7. Triad area- dealer who’ll install Ford Performance Tune

    My local dealer says the pro cal FP tune has to be installed by a ford performance shop to get the 3 year/36k mile warranty. The product site says- “As mentioned, the kit is eligible for a 3 year/36k mile warranty from new vehicle in-service when installed by a Ford dealer or ASE/Red Seal...
  8. Anyone else notice this? Sounds & voices changing often

    Seems like the noises of the bronco change quite often. One day the CarPlay nav voice is beautiful and soothing, then the next it’s a grumpy robot voice. Then this morning the beeps and chimes all sounded different. No updates that I can see (I’m still on 3.5.2- waiting on the CarPlay update). I...
  9. Changing to 2H in sport mode

    Just enabled Sport mode recently. Noticed it switches to 4A when engaged. I switch it to 2H for use. Any issues at all with this? All I can say is HOLY COW does it make a difference! In both performance and MPG!
  10. Adding an amp to the B&O system

    I’ve upgraded the 3 dash (Focal) and 2 rear pod (kickers) speakers in my B&O system. Looking to upgrade the kicks next plus a sub and sub amp. I feel the power in the fronts is severely lacking. Thinking of adding an amp for the fronts (dash/kicks). I know many have used the key 200.4 in the...
  11. Anyone in Triad/NC area know FORSCAN?

    Would love for someone to teach me/help me change some things! Especially double honk and adding sport mode to my Badlands. I have a cable to connect with. Any takers? Can pay or provide beer!
  12. Speaker Replacement Options

    I’ve read a few threads on here on replacing the speakers in our broncos. Seems like a few options out there. I’m going to order soon and would love the different options and characteristics listed here. What did you use for the dash (2 sides and center)? What did you use for the rear pods? The...
  13. Anyone who has bought from Discount Tire

    Did they give you credit for your take offs? I don’t want to deal with selling them. I have the 315 Sasquatch Territories and they’ll only have 600 miles on them when I go in on Saturday.
  14. North Carolina Sold: Soft Tonneau Cover- new

    Bought new but not needed. Only pulled instructions out to read. Cover/hardware never removed. $109 new. $90 shipped PayPal (no fees to me). Can meet in Winston Salem if you want to pick it up- $80 if picked up. PM if interested.
  15. Dealer telling a buyer the mic top is NOT a constraint

    Conversing with a lady on one of the Facebook bronco groups today. She was saying her dealer is telling her the MIC top is not a constraint but is looking at other things that could be hanging up her order. She said they have received 5-6 hard tops recently and aren’t having issues getting them...
  16. Another blown 2.7 engine on a Bronco

    Mpheugot- just read of a 2.7 black Diamond that quit suddenly on the Highway and the dealer is replacing the engine. Sounds like the valve issue. Not many miles on it. Bronco 2021+ (not sport) group on Facebook. Maybe can be added to your data seeking thread that I can’t find this morning...
  17. Now I have seen it all! $250k Buy-It-Now Ebay For Outer Banks 4-Door

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/2021-Ford-Bronco-Outer-Banks-Sport-Utility-4D-/334233497532?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 Cloth seats too!
  18. Anyone see this? Chip shortage help?

  19. Found the holy grail of scummy dealer mark ups!

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/2021-Ford-Bronco-Big-Bend-Cactus-Gray-plus-accessories-/133939085025?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 $120k for a f’ing Big Bend! But wait- it has accessories! Floor mats and molle bags! What a deal!!!!!
  20. iPod integration

    I’m curious if anyone plays music through their iPods connected to the audio system of the bronco. I have a 160 gb iPod that’s connected thru Bluetooth to the Uconnect system in my gladiator. It works ok this way. But loses where it was at after a minute or two of not playing it. I tried to...