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  1. Hello from New Jersey!

    Welcome from North Jersey
  2. Show me your Gray Wheels

    Roush Iridium Gray
  3. 7/24/23 Build Week

    Hey fam!!! I put my goodies on last month and went to play in the first decent snow in NJ in a couple years today. As far as next steps I have decals from Graphics Underground and ordering others from Ridergrapix to be put on when the weather breaks. After that looking at 285/75/17 shoes.
  4. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Thanks for doing the heavy lifting 🤣! I’m looking at the same tires, in the same size, on the same color BD! Questions: did you have to put an extension on the 3rd brake light and did you reinforce the spare tire carrier/tailgate?
  5. Flooded Bronco Meets Crusher

    Whew! Now I don’t feel so bad! (Guess I gotta ease back from Buffalo Trace late nights)
  6. Flooded Bronco Meets Crusher

    And it’s Anti matter blue! My favorite color!😭
  7. Looking for good fog light option for modular bumper with yellow & white options

    Went with 4x4truckleds Diode Dynamics package w/the flush mount brackets and had everything installed by Global Lightwerkz in NJ. Happy with the product and the service of both companies.
  8. Ford markets a Black diamond:

    Just my .2 cents Looking at badging…….. Base: self explanatory Big Bend : jagged mountains : National park in Texas Black Diamond : mountain peak : black diamond ski trails Outer Banks : waves on sand : Outer Banks chain of islands on the North Carolina coast Badlands : buttes and arroyos ...
  9. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

  10. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    @ Goldensoulo…Any lift or suspension mods?
  11. Funny story about my wife. You have one?

    Mine noticed I labeled my up fitter switches was not amused
  12. Hood pin/latch?

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try tomorrow.
  13. Hood pin/latch?

    Glad I did a search before starting a thread 😉. I’ve noticed at highway speeds (75+) my hood starts to shimmy a little too much for my comfort. My thoughts were confirmed by last night my wife asking if my hood was latched. Haven’t had the hood light come on yet. The hood of this vehicle...
  14. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    They all look awesome. One day I’ll get mine done enough to post pics🤣
  15. What did your Bronco replace?

    Replaced my 2014 Charger. Kicker is I sold it to a Sgt. at work for his son, now his son just got hired & I see it in the lot every day. Like seeing an ex that you loved moved in next door 🤣
  16. 7/24/23 Build Week

    Oscar…I wouldn’t say you know nothing. You’ve talked me off the ledge when I was waiting to order and take delivery🤣😉. Was talking to my former Sgt and he said same. Get the winch and buy a small compressor. Said onboard air is great for air tools and air lockers, two thing I’m not looking to...
  17. Why do Bronco owners drive so slow?

    1) Because I'm old 2) Because of gas costs 3) Because I'm retired and in no rush 4) Because it's mine & I can drive it any way I want 5) Because I want to piss off trolls
  18. 7/24/23 Build Week

    Merry Christmas morning fam!!!!! Here's hoping for a safe and happy Yuletide season! Got lots of goodies to put on once the Spring arrives. @OscarHTX.... funny you should ask about a wish list. I was just pondering at 05:00 this morning and perhaps the fam could help, do I want to get a winch or...
  19. Underground Graphics Bronco Duo photoshoot!

    Lemme know when you do a first high version 2 stripe with a anthracite or silver pin stripe and you have a sale!