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  1. Fake raptor graphics UG

    Installed fake raptor graphics from underground graphics. Looks pretty good. added a few HP to my fake raptor build. the Graphics connect to the ford performance tune to increase drag coefficient . don’t you love fake raptors.
  2. My custom Ford Performance special edition Bronco

    Here’s to me wishing Ford would build a Ford Performance edition so I built it myself FP 2” lift FP tune 2.3 FP exhaust. (Borla) FP hitch cover FP hood struts. Just need a cute badge for the rear.
  3. I bought a rock

    Ford Performance Bronco speaker rock. Yes it’s real.
  4. Borla ATAK 2.3 manual.

    Just installed the borla exhaust replacing the outlaw straight pipe. really really happy with the sound and look. any suggestions on aligning the outputs since the are off a little bit.
  5. Borla discounts.

    One of the borla distributors looks like they’re running additional discounts on all borla exhausts. https://ss-exhaust.com/borla-11975cb Looks like for all colors and tones too.
  6. Ford performance hood struts install

    Installed ford performance hood struts and got a 5 hp bump! Full install video coming soon with dyno run. together with ford all weather mats and FP hood struts. Man what a difference. can’t wait for the dealer to get it for the next three weeks to fix the instrument cluster display and the...
  7. Cool grill, bro

    What the actual fish. from Facebook group.
  8. All problems in one photo.

    Here is everything wrong in one photo. dash display stopped working. brake vacuum fault. cracked windshield. dealer says we are still waiting on parts for all of the above.
  9. Snow topic

    Ok I’m here in Utah in the snow. I have a black diamond trim. Why the heck did they not put heated mirrors and heated seats on the dang trim named after a difficult ski run? I thought I would not notice when I ordered. But now I’m just frustrated. please post best options for adding...
  10. Center console vaults - which product is best?

    Which is the best. Ford Chinese from Amazon. Aftermarket USA made. All I’ve seen is ford and cheap Chinese knockoffs.
  11. New Bronco RC

    fun new toy from china. ready to run and with a lot of lights. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004879861711.html
  12. JCR overhead molle

    I don’t have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff. Any reviews or recommendations for mounting stuff here. https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/BR6-OMP-F.html
  13. Borla exhausts available?

    Any vendors able to order from them yet? It says now available on their site
  14. 4wp truck fest.

    Anyone crashing the 4wp truck and jeep fest. I’ll meet you there in Sunday. 11am
  15. JCR ? Who’s the guy?

    Who posted this Who’s dog is this.
  16. Alpha industries joins the fray

    I knew they were going to join the competition https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/alpha-motor-corporation-unveils-the-pure-electric-rex-adventure-utility-vehicle-in-collaboration-with-iconic-la-fashion-brand-free--easy-301547698.html
  17. Oceano Dunes, California

    Went to the dunes and this thing rips. Black diamond. 2.3 manual 2dr got 24.7 mpg to and from. 10 mpg in the dunes lol. I put her in “baja” mode. Basically sport mode and then 4 h turn off traction turn on rear locker. BD Tires are really good in the sand too. Won’t get stuck I took her...
  18. Not the new blazer.

    Definitely inspired from the bronco competition. Why didn’t they just make a new blazer. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2022/04/gm-finally-reveals-chevy-silverado-convertible/
  19. What gen is this bronco

    Is it 5 or 6 gen. Idfk but here it is. https://www.thedrive.com/news/32595/texas-mans-super-bronco-is-the-love-child-of-a-ford-excursion-and-an-f-250?utm_campaign=trueanthem_AI&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0K2zjaWaoBUqJcCahV0X3RwhTaP_9e64uuE5lvpKUP8lepG4bKg4xIH9s