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  1. Best short radio antenna

    Having the antenna touch on the way into the garage isn't going to hurt anything, as far as that goes...
  2. Bronco Free Rolls (Falls) Off Steep Hill!!

    So totally unrelated to the thrust of your post, but I noticed when you were trying to get over the rock at one point you apply the clutch and you can hear 4-5 quick click noises. I have the same noise on my 2 door manual Sasquatch, seems to be coming from the front left possibly transfer case...
  3. 2 Door Totaled. For What It's Worth [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Holy moly! I assume the Tacoma was the road rager?
  4. How do you get a loaner at the dealership?

    Here's the deal- there's no such thing as a loaner, there are just rentals that somebody pays for. That might be the customer, the dealer, or Ford but there's no such thing as a 'loaner'. Ford warranty will pay for a rental during a repair that takes longer than a day, *but* that rental coverage...
  5. Bronco and the F-150 electronic E brake recall

    Well, the corollary to you don't want to talk to the techs is that the techs don't want to talk to you either. It's their job to be fixing vehicles in the shop, it's my job to handle the customer and coordinate the repair. The reason I took offense to be labeled the 'technician's secretary' is...
  6. Bronco and the F-150 electronic E brake recall

    I mean, service advisors and techs are kind of natural enemies as a result of different incentives. Anyway, consider me calmed =)
  7. 2.3l at altitude hesitation

    It would make sense that it takes longer to build boost at high altitude. The turbo will build the same amount of boost and make the same power at altitude as at sea level (more or less), but since the air it is compressing is thinner it wouldn't surprise me if it took longer to build resulting...
  8. Bronco and the F-150 electronic E brake recall

    Ducati1098 really ought to know better than to say what he did then. Guess it does prove my point about tech's being salty.
  9. Bronco and the F-150 electronic E brake recall

    Actually a highly skilled and technical position, but thank you for this.
  10. Bronco and the F-150 electronic E brake recall

    I'm the liaison between you and the technicians (trust me, you don't want to be working directly with the techs, they're a salty bunch) and I get to see all the myriad ways Ford vehicles can fail. I haven't seen an electronic part yet that can't fail, and I've done plenty of repairs to...
  11. Bronco and the F-150 electronic E brake recall

    Ford service advisor here- I would 100% not trust that park brake. Always leave it in gear as well as set the parking brake, just to be on the safe side.
  12. Found Windshield Mount Limits (Failure Point)

    I guarantee those mounts are intentionally made to fail in that scenario... you make them stronger by tying into the windshield frame/roll bar and you're asking to have major damage. That's a relatively easy fix, and Ford can point to the 100lb dynamic rating to deny warranty coverage. Good...
  13. Cheap Key Fob for 23 Manual Xmission Bronco

    $350 including programming... programming is $100.
  14. Cheap Key Fob for 23 Manual Xmission Bronco

    I'm a Ford service advisor, I see these keys all the time and they're junk, they work for a month or two then crap out.
  15. Installed ExoShield, windshield cracked anyway

    The textured bug deflector is really a must for these vehicles... way fewer rocks and bugs hitting the windshield in general. That and decent mud flaps improve things 100%
  16. 2022 Bronco hardtop 2 -door winch set up suggestions

    rough country makes a hidden winch setup that would work for this... can't get a link due to at work but google it and you should find it
  17. Noisy Suspension

    That would be the traction/stability control using the ABS to maintain traction
  18. Has anyone noticed different 'beeps'?

    The system chimes normally play through the audio system but if there's a problem they will play through the instrument cluster. Typically will be quiet and sound a bit tinny, can occur due to low voltage immediately after start or high network traffic. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  19. IAG or JTop sun shade?

    I also had the velcro peel on mine, and I also followed the instructions per the video. The spot it peeled for me is at the very rear where it follows the curve of the sport bar (this is on 2 door), I wasn't able to get good adhesion due to the bend. If I were to do it again (which I will at...