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  1. My Bronco T-boned broadsided by a Pathfinder at 50 mph. Walked away with small scrape on arm

    I'm sorry that you lost your Bronco, but glad that your daughter was not more seriously injured. Forgive me if this has been addressed earlier, but are you planning to replace the Bronco?
  2. Ford Releases 7 Pin Tow Wiring for Factory Installation

    Thanks for the link! I just installed my Ford OEM trailer hitch. Admittedly I only wanted a hitch to support a bike rack, but it would be nice to have the option down the road to haul a trailer with the necessary power hookup.
  3. Dad's and Son's Broncos 60 years apart

    What a cool idea!
  4. Wisconsin WTB - Rear Bumper End Caps (Sasquatch)

    Man, I wish someone told me that the plastic top cap that runs the width of the rear bumper has clips that go down through the bumper end caps. It was murder removing the old end caps since they were sandwiched between the metal lower portion and the plastic upper portion. I mangled the clips...
  5. BuckYeah

    The PNW Bronco Group

    Can I fit them in my 2-door Bronco? ;)
  6. Bronco Team 2 door.

    It is indeed Mount Rainier.
  7. Bronco Team 2 door.

    I LOVE my 2-door Bronco.
  8. Robin's Egg Blue Heritage Limited Bronco eye candy

    I hope you’re right! I haven’t seen one in person yet.
  9. Robin's Egg Blue Heritage Limited Bronco eye candy

    I really want to like this, but I can't. It just doesn't do anything for me. I'm just not a fan of that pale blue and white. It's bland on bland. Now if it were red and white, that would give it some contrast. Just IMHO. And that blinding white dash board. Yikes! LOL
  10. Door removal PSA: check for loose door bolts

    Removing the doors is a simple enough operation if you're not a total spaz. If you are, I strongly recommend you find someone to assist you, or serve as a second set of eyes, or just hold a flashlight for you. Depending upon how many doors you have, the level of difficulty decreases...
  11. bronco showed up squatchless

    I'm very sorry to hear what you've gone through. Very frustrating. When I reordered my Bronco in late September 2022 (originally ordered in November 2021), I noticed that despite requesting the Sasquatch Package, it did not appear on the preview order. I asked my salesman to add it and he...
  12. Wisconsin WTB - Rear Bumper End Caps (Sasquatch)

    My plan exactly. I'll be removing my mudflaps and installing my trailer hitch at the same time, which means I'll be dropping and reinstalling the rear tow hooks as well as replacing the rear bumper extensions. Once and done.
  13. Fully Naked thread! -- All Doors and Tops Off Pics

    I love going topless AND doorless! :cool:
  14. Day 1 Bronco Raptor Off-Roadeo Recap - LONG POST WARNING

    Awesome writeup, @Johnny Rebel! It sounds like a fantastic experience. I attended a Bronco Off-Roadeo in Moab in late February 2022 and it was incredible. Everything you could imagine and then some! I strongly recommend anyone with a Bronco or one on order to attend one of the Off-Roadeos. I'm...
  15. I (you) wish the Bronco came with…?

    The only things that stand out for me are the lack of lighting in the glove box and center console. Even one in the cupholders would be nice, for when I'm driving at night.
  16. Wisconsin WTB - Rear Bumper End Caps (Sasquatch)

    These are the items I purchased. I did set up an account with Flip. My end caps are for the stock Sasquatch fender flares. (The wider flares) I'm not sure what the "Raptor takeoffs" are. Please see below:
  17. You've probably already seen my Bronco underwater on the web?

    Dude. I'm so sorry this happened. I'm glad you're still here to tell us about it, though.
  18. KUAT 3 bike rack and swing away installed on Bronco

    That rack solution is pure genius, @Grumpy! A two-bike equivalent is in my future. ;)
  19. Wisconsin WTB - Rear Bumper End Caps (Sasquatch)

    @flip: You da man! But I think those are the same part numbers that were on my Sasquatch-equipped Bronco parts. Do they share common numbers but are distinguished from one another in another way? I’m very happy with the end caps I got. Thinking about getting four of those clips for myself, just...