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  1. Stirrup prototype (side step)

    Interested, especially given no drilling and removable
  2. New 2 door factory soft top on Interactive Garage?

    Just wasting time waiting for my 2 door Badlands, I clicked through the latest options on www.Interactivegarage.com and saw that they have a 2 door factory soft top option in addition to the 2 door Bestop “retractable” soft top with the fastback. At least it shows that someone went to the...
  3. Thinking about ordering a Rivian R1S...

    I did see that Rivian is planning a version with a removable open air roof like the Bronco, so that should make it interesting when available. https://insideevs.com/news/504115/rivian-r1t-optional-removable-roof/
  4. Window Top?

    A friend has one on his Gladiator, but doesn’t love it. It doesn’t really protect from the hot sun in the summer, and it’s noisy on the highway.
  5. Jarrett

    Broncos Of The Carolinas

    How well do the roast cloth seats go with the bronze dash? I think I would like it but it’s hard to tell without seeing it in person.
  6. 📸: Thule Cargo Box mounted on Bronco 2-Door Badlands in Carbonized Gray + MIC

    Finally pictures of my exact beautiful carbonized grey 2dr BL standard wheel ride!!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing
  7. Real World Carbonized Grey with MIC top Images?

    A few others that were posted recently.
  8. What is your BL build?

    2dr BL Carbonized Grey MGV Standard wheels 2.3 High Tow Floor liners Fast back soft top twill Roof rack
  9. Ford stock hits $14 per share

    My take is the stock is still going up because they are proving that they can bring great ideas to market (or at least to reservation . . . ) that will have a sales benefit long into the future. Bronco and F150 Lightening EV are the latest examples. Mach-E EV another. Gives reasons to...
  10. Things that are overrated...

    I’ve seen them both in person, and while the 8” screen itself isn’t bad, I don’t like the look of the full dash with the 8” screen because it was designed for a 12” screen and therefore it has to make up the space with extra plastic bezel material. And, the 12” screen was awesome in person.
  11. F150, Ford, Rachael Maddow Dont get mad, give it a watch [Off-Topic / Political posts will be deleted - Administration]

    That’s a great video making a ton of sense. Thanks for posting. If electric makes the F series better for what it does then people will buy it period, whether they care if it is greener or not. Looking forward to a better Bronco someday as well.
  12. Any pics of Stock Badlands next to a SAS Badland?

    I saw a SAS BD next to a non-SAS BL in CT this past weekend. Both looked great and I think the non-SAS BL is perfect.
  13. Photo requests?

    A few exterior photos from the same event
  14. Another 1st Impression — Blown away!

    No real noticeable difference for me getting in the driver’s seat between the Sasquatch BD and Badlands with 33s, although I didn’t check to see if the seat height was the same between the two, so that could have made a difference. Guessing that the Badlands was a little easier but not much...
  15. Another 1st Impression — Blown away!

    I visited Colonial Ford in Danbury, CT yesterday and got to see a SAS BD 4dr and a 33” Badlands 4dr, both with MGV seats. Overall I was blown away at first sight. My current order is a BD 2 door, so it was great to be able to see a BD and compare it to the Badlands. While I love most things...
  16. Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    Looked great in this video (I think the video is no longer posted)
  17. Much More 2021 Bronco Accessories Hit Ford's Website

    From a recent pdf it says that the mesh Bimini was designed to go under both the soft top and the factory hard top, so I think it would work.
  18. 11/17 Reservation and already scheduled to build 6/21/21??

    Think they got the wrong Jarrett . . . But seriously, great for you! Enjoy!