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  1. Off-Rodeo Failure: No Manual Broncos Available

    All the vehicles at the Nevada event were AT 4drs. They had a couple 2drs but they were out of commission when I went due to repairs needed.
  2. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    @jd-ford-hd looks like we have very similar builds, get excited, it’s amazing. Order got to my out of state dealer first week of June, after paperwork was done and it was put on a hauler it got to me on the 22nd! Didn’t do much with it until I could get it registered at the DMV on Friday...
  3. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    I’m a badlands on the spreadsheet with a delivered (to my dealer) bronco. I have the tow package.
  4. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    I attended the one in Nevada and it was amazing. Really enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone in range as well. It was a little sad, I could’ve had my bronco to drive to the event except it went on hold at the time.
  5. Are old Bronco reservations useless ?

    Oh also - if you want it quick once you get to order, do not add: tow, lux, 2.7, Sasquatch, or hard top (in that rough order) and you could get built within a couple months based on the dealer you choose. High volume dealers will get you an order sooner but when you placed the reservation you...
  6. Are old Bronco reservations useless ?

    If you didn’t confirm your reservation with your dealer by March 9 or 11 (can’t recall the cut off day exactly but it was early March) then you will not be scheduled this year. You can talk to your dealer about it and get everything set up but I believe you’ll have to wait until the order bank...
  7. I'm an Idiot or Going Insane [Updated With Final Location of Key Fob 🙀]

    If it Starts, drive it two blocks away and turn it off. If it turns back on, it’s in the car, otherwise it’s in the house or on the ground outside.
  8. Two Bronco Raptors auctioned at Cars and Cigars - both for $145K!

    Honesty sounds kind of cheap/about right with how the dealers are expecting to sell them at $80-120k depending on your area with ADM. $25-65k more, which is tax deductible, and you get to drive away with it today. If I had the money to buy one at $100K, I’d buy this in a heart beat. Surprised...
  9. 700 Days Today!

    700 days is just people being petty. They didn’t start production until June/July 2021 so at most no one has waited more than about a year. Should they have opened reservations a year earlier? Well that wasn’t their intention. It was the middle of Covid and many things were pushed 6 months...
  10. Question for the desert dwellers

    Highway speeds with a convertible top down always hurt my ears after 2hrs. I’d be surprised if you’d be comfortable in that long of a trip with the top off. I agree with the other comment, take the front two panels off and stick them in the trunk. If you don’t like it or it’s too hot, you can...
  11. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    30 miles down the road and it docked at the dealership the same day it went to “in-transit”. Just got word from my dealer. So excited I’m sweating. Reference, not everyone might be that fast. Another B6G user waited a week from. “In-transit” to it docking at the same dealer.
  12. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Finally! The two Ford trackers haven’t updated to shipped yet but the app updated to In Transit. Very excited! Only gripe right now is my sales person has been stonewalling me on pricing. I keep bringing it up but they don’t want to discuss it until the vehicle arrives. Curious how that’s gonna...
  13. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Look up the dealer in the forum. For some reason I recall people having issues with either a Yes Ford or a Huntington Ford. Most of the time a dealer that was willing to sign all that will keep to that pricing. As regards to rights, technically you have none. The dealer doesn’t have to sell...
  14. Are gas prices having you question your pending order? [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    What focus do you have? Carvana offered me what I paid for mine brand new so it might be worth looking into. Unless it’s got high miles or an old year, it might not be worth it then.
  15. Are gas prices having you question your pending order? [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Gas is $6.30/gal by me (CA) but thankfully I walk to work and will continue doing so. 1.5 miles each way is a good daily walk and if it gets too windy or rains (10 days out of the year) I’ll take the bronco in. Filling up for $90/tank doesn’t sound fun though and everything is far. It’s going...
  16. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Did you have the Sasquatch package already or remove the crash bars?
  17. 📈 Bronco May 2022 Sales: 9,475 Sold / 11,124 Produced

    I believe they’re having issues with the manual. all but 3 manuals got pushed out of my week. I’m a 2dr manual badlands too. Mine got pushed 3wks but was built at the end of April. Sadly all the builds in the second half of April got Put on hold. They’ve only just now started to trickle...
  18. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Fuel Pump Failure]

    The off-roadeo I went to stated that it’s fine and fun to use in like the sands or areas where it’s basically like a donut mode. But they showed us how using it creates massive divits in the ground and quickly destroys a trail. Their concern was that if Broncos go through and tear up the...
  19. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Fuel Pump Failure]

    Have you attended a Bronco Off-Roadeo? They highly recommend you do not use TTA unless it’s necessary or you’ll erode the trail for others. If you can manage a 3 point turn, that is preferable.
  20. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Fuel Pump Failure]

    I recall people noting that the 2.7 seemed like a tight fit in the engine bay and some components, specifically the fuel pump, were basically crammed in there or in terrible spots/orientations. Not sure if they’re different and I could be recalling incorrectly but I remember this being an issue...