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  1. Florida Sasquatch tires and wheels for sale

    I am shocked! no one is jumping on this seems like good prices good luck
  2. Massachusetts 35” Nitto with Fuel Off-road Wheels Massachusetts

    looks like a nice set for someone!
  3. Front license plate bracket recommendations?

    i don't run one, if needed for inspection put a shackle mount on..... then remove till the next year
  4. King Blue Accents on HOSS 3.0 (Fox) Shocks

    what happens when you get a flat?
  5. Tailgating / Cooking With Your Bronco -- Photos Thread

    o that makes sense. thanks
  6. Tailgating / Cooking With Your Bronco -- Photos Thread

    nice! more room in that 2 door than I expected I have never seen anyone use a stringer like that lol I always go through the gill
  7. Blackout Kit for Bronco Sasquatch now on Ford Performance Parts Site

    sorry I don't remember what I used. I used the same paint as someone on here after seeing how it came out for them
  8. Air conditioner issues, 2021 Big Bend

    my 21 bb has not had any issues I would think u have a leak somewhere
  9. How many original Golden ticket holders still just holding piece of paper?

    I was just thinking about this last night! day 2 res got mine 11/5/21 I had it way before anyone near me but just last moth I was talking to someone in town that was still waiting I think he said day 1 res too
  10. Front window rattles!

    yes! I tell everyone its up or down no in between
  11. Red bed liner sprayed Bronco Raptor

    I don't like red usually but I like it its yours make it how u want it!
  12. Anyone “hit” 100,000 miles yet? 50,000?

    nov 21 i just hit 19,000 not a lot at all but would love to see how they will hold up in Massachusetts mine will probably rust out first my 08 f250 would be perfect still after 150,000 miles but winters here all the salted roads rack havoc already had to remove bed to replace supports and bed...
  13. Installed Carbon Fiber Fender Flares by Composite Offroad Parts from Lobo Off-Road

    looks good I did think of hydro dipping mine in carbon film lol
  14. Mall crawler on 40s

    ya its only an inch, I am 6"3 no issue for me i am used to big trucks too. still not set on tire size 38,39,40s My wife has no problem with my lifted f250 so I don't get why the bronco is an issue but maybe just because shes in the bronco more than the truck. yes on the steps wanted to not...
  15. Mall crawler on 40s

    icon 3 inch spacer lift it was the only lift out for the sas when I got my bronco November 21
  16. Mall crawler on 40s

    looks perfect this is close to mine lol bb sas with bb 3inch and icon 3icnh my plan was 40s but my wife (5ft2) has complained so much about getting in I may just do 38s at this point time will tell
  17. To whomstever left this on my Bronco… "You've Been Bronco'd"

    ya I thought it was a cool thing tossed it on my dash. Now a duck I would just throw it to a kid in the parking lot
  18. To whomstever left this on my Bronco… "You've Been Bronco'd"

    I looked them up on amazon I think they were under a buck a piece. I think its way better than a duck lol
  19. What have they done to my boy?

    I actually like it useless but looks cool