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  1. Reserved my bronco August 10

    mine was a few days before your august reservation. any guess on a early august reservation? i kind of need my ride before the end of july
  2. Water Fording

    I'll be asking for the highest points the dealer can put breathers in for the diff and what not.
  3. Why not Base Sasquatch help

    If I get a bronco it's the op's build plus hard top and aux switches. Kinda pissed tow package isnt offered on base.
  4. Ford Changes How Broncos are Allocated - But Doesn’t Want You to Know

    So that means us Canadians will get the short end of the stick on this as well? Brutal. Canadians have been left out to dry, Ill wait to December to make my decision but I'm 60yes/40no on he bronco considering I was 100% in when I reserved.
  5. What are my fellow Canadians B&P thoughts?

    what does your build look like? Because my base 4dr build, is over 66k :eek: hard top wheel locks aux switches 2.7 Sasquatch pkg My Black Diamond build was 70k. crazy thats what my 3500 cummins cost
  6. Ford.ca (Canada) build and price.

    I agree on the 7% being very high, but like you said its hopefully generalized and not figured out yet. I'm on the fence now since my BD build is too far out of my price range, even the 4dr basesquatch with 2.7 and hard top and wheel locks are a bit high. I built a f150 with everything I could...
  7. Ford.ca (Canada) build and price.

    I haven't been able to pick any accessory options other than roof racks and a fridge. What's with the 7% finance percentage? is that what it is really going to be or is it a default number?
  8. INTERIOR COLORS & MATERIALS Walkthrough Video Posted

    I never let a color sway my decision, but dam that wild track with the digital camo and tan interior are just gorgeous.
  9. 2021 Bronco NOT Eligible For X-Plan (Official Document Confirmation) [Update: Confirmed by Ford]

    This is a kick to the gonads for sure, considering i was told by my dealer that they would honor the xplan. people are saying not to be but hurt but when it comes to my hard earned dirty hands money id like to catch a break where ever possible.
  10. Mr.Pike17

    Ontario Bronco Club

    Throw in my black diamond for Ontario to bring the total to 44 for Ont
  11. Pics: Cactus Gray on 4 Door Bronco Sasquatch w/ MIC HardTop

    that right there is a nice gray, id buy that
  12. Spotted: 2 Door Bronco Towing Trailer

    Every Friday at work we all do the Rick Flair Friday WOOOOOOO's, its our end of the week cheer
  13. Spotted this gem

    Sorry, the pictures had to be reloaded.
  14. Spotted this gem

    I was on my way up to parry sound today and spotted this beauty in the Canadian tire parking lot in Fergus. My apologies for my photo skills in advance. It had dealer plates on it but no sale info. In fergus the Ford dealer and Canadian tire are beside each other but spaced out so I'm not sure...
  15. My thoughts on 2 door at Super Cel

    First thing I do is removing the rear seat behind the driver seat to add more storage space. My tackle bags take up way too much room, but I need my drop shot bag and my crankbait bag and so on and so forth.
  16. Bronco Overland Concept Revealed! With Live Debut Video & Pics From Super Celebration East

    what a beauty rig right there. id put the arb fridge on the opposite side so it can be pulled out while you cook. i'm also hoping for a "bat wing" awning option. no roof top tent for me, need the space for rod tubes for my one piece rods. and to beat the dead horse, give me green :p
  17. Pics: Bronco Frame, Chassis and Suspension

    my last truck i bought brand new, a 2016 ram 3500, i brought it to Krown oil spraying they use a proprietary blend that over time is soaked into the steel, or so they say. i oil sprayed my 3500 twice in the first year of ownership and every year after that and will do the same with my bronco. i...
  18. Pics: Bronco Frame, Chassis and Suspension

    what a beautiful sight, cant wait to oil spray it.