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  1. Two-Year Anniversary

    It was December 22, 2021, that we took delivery of our new Bronco. It has exceeded our expectations in every way. In looking back, ordering the 2 Door Base model, with the Sasquatch package, was a good decision. We plan to keep "Blue," for the rest of our lives, and pass her down to my son.
  2. YETI Tundra Haul Cooler, Fits Perfect In A 2-Door Bronco

    My YETI Haul arrived yesterday. Just wanted to post an update that it fits perfect in a 2-Door Bronco. Between the folded back seats and the rear door, there is about 1.5 inches clearance.
  3. Day Trip: Huachuca Mountains

    I live at the base of the 9,000' Huachuca mountain range in Southern Arizona, just a few miles from Mexico. We took a day trip in "Blue," up to the top. It was a beautiful day.
  4. Black or Grey Weather Tech Floor Mats for Base Bronco?

    Has anyone ordered Weather Tech floor mats for a Base Bronco? Is Grey or Black mats a better match?
  5. Fuel Economy For 2-Door, 2.3, Auto Sasquatch

    I received my Window Sticker on Monday, and I am curious why Ford rates a 2.3 liter I4, 2-door, Automatic Trans with the Sasquatch Package, at just 18MPG. Is there really a 3 point drop for the Sasquatch/35" tires. This doesn't sound accurate. I am interested in the actual mileage people are...
  6. Defective Easy Fill Mechanism For Bronco

    Has anyone had a problem with the easy fill fuel system on a Bronco you own or borrowed? I know of one that failed and the Bronco could not be fueled. The inner mechanism closes and the fuel nozzle cannot be inserted. This incapacitates the Bronco and requires a teardown, parts ordered, and up...
  7. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    List your vehicle here If you received an email from Ford notifying you that your Bronco will be built during the November 15 production week: Reservation date: Order Date: Model: Trim Type: 2 or 4 door: Roof type: Any other relevant details. Were you originally an earlier production date?
  8. Understanding The Ford Order Process

    I found this information regarding the Ford order procedure that seems to be a reliable representation of the true process. I didn't find it on Bronco6G, so I am posting it here to be of some help to those who want to understand this difficult and lengthy order process. Ford Dealers can submit...
  9. Will Area 51 Be Available For The 2022 Base Bronco?

    For the 2021 Base Bronco, Area 51 was not available. Now that Antimatter Blue has been eliminated for the 2022 Bronco, has there been any mention by Ford whether we will be able to order a 2022 Bronco Base Model with Area 51?
  10. Anyone Order A New Bronco July 2021?

    I missed the launch and didn't order my new Bronco with the majority of those who are on this forum. Just wondering if there are any like me who just ordered their new Bronco in July 2021? It seems that most who ordered in July of 2020, are getting their vehicles now. Wonder if ours will take as...
  11. Did Anyone Order The Tent Option by Yakima?"

    Just curious if anyone added the tent option on their Bronco, at $1,859? Sounds pricey. Is there an aftermarket tent available for less?