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  1. Garbone

    Confirmed: Manual + Sasquatch Bronco, October Build & Price!

    On further review the call on the field has been overturned.. Fiddled around yesterday and tried to build my rig in Jeep. Yup, thank you for for possible making my Bronco build less full of high end suck like it would be with a Jeep.
  2. Garbone

    Would you drop your order if a December(2022) model had better colors?

    No, if pretty much all the 2021s are customer orders my 21Base 4dr in ironic rental silver will be a rare duck.
  3. Garbone

    Simple Build & Price Estimator Tool

    Here we go.. My 2 builds.
  4. Garbone


    I have moved away from following stock too closely and now follow Bronco too closely. No surprise, pretty close to the same level of disappointment. What is free time?
  5. Garbone

    Bronco Build & Price date

    He has been promoted not just to but past his maximum level of incompetence.
  6. Garbone

    Sasquatch package with 2.3L + manual transmission Bronco - testing underway!

    4 door Base Mansquatch with mic top switch pack, tail gate and door bags.
  7. Garbone

    Granger Motors Bronco Pricing and clarifications for the masses

    Someone that could learn the value of humility.
  8. Garbone

    Ford's Marketing...

    I made the mistake of buying shares. Now I not only want a Bronco but also return on investment. My fault really as it took some fun out of things for me. Good news, not that many shares.
  9. Garbone

    Bronco Build & Price date

    Cool, what is your reservation time stamp? asking for a friend.
  10. Garbone

    Ford's Marketing...

    I completely agree. Folks should go on Twitter, follow Mike, they will come to understand, if they don't, well self reflection. Honestly, any exec on Twitter doing anything related to company business should have their head examined. Focus should be on doing business and not virtue...
  11. Garbone

    Build Ford..... Proud?

    I up twinkle this post.
  12. Garbone

    Build Ford..... Proud?

    Aww, you should be proud of your effort. Here have a cookie and a participation trophy...
  13. Garbone

    Bronco Build & Price date

    Hold on, let me refer to my notes.........
  14. Garbone

    Bronco Build & Price date

    It is like an entire organization took classes in pissing people off.
  15. Garbone

    Price Difference Comparison: 2021 Bronco Pricing For All Trims (2-Door vs 4-Door)

    Just get some of those deep rubber floor mats. When I lived in the great white north I had them, just pull the mat out out, beat it on your squatch 35s for 3 seconds and replace. No time when it is cold to be screwing with a vacuum or water hose. Works the charm with both snow and sand. Even...
  16. Garbone

    Why go 4-door unless you have to?

    I give the my 5 year old a ride to school every morning in our Mustang. She is pretty lanky and gets in an out of the back just fine. Want to go 2 door because I am cheep, boss wants a 4 door and I may just go that way so we can road trip in the rig.