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  1. Slight jolt when letting off brakes during take off / Auto transmission

    I just started noticing a slight jolt when taking off from a stop a couple weeks ago. It happens about 50% of the time and it feels like the transmission is shifting for whatever reason and almost feels like the Auto Start/Stop but it's not it and even happens when that is turned off. I really...
  2. List your new features for SYNC Version 4.0.21297

    I just noticed the temp is now shown above the digital tach. What other new features have you noticed? @Ford Motor Company Is there somewhere online to find this stuff? I searched but couldn’t find anything. Would be helpful.
  3. FordPass Oil Life Meter Accuracy

    How accurate do we think the oil life meter in the FordPass app is? It seemed to be pretty accurate for the first 6 weeks, going from 100% to 85%. I checked it for the first time in a couple weeks and it is showing 0% with 2,400 miles. Is this happening for anyone else? EDIT: Just saw this...
  4. 🚨 Attention MGV Owners 🚨

    Does anybody with the MGV seats have this strip of fabric on their passenger seat? The right side doesn’t have it and the drivers seats doesn’t have it. 🤔
  5. Black 2 Door WildTrak spotted in Ohio

    In Cleveland for a wedding. Drove by this beauty and had to stop.
  6. Rapid Red OBX and Velocity Blue Big Bend at Ford of Kendall

    Is it just me or does the OBX look pretty stout here?
  7. Is the B&P still being updated?

    I can’t remember where I heard that a March update was happening but I know I heard it. Is this just another missed Ford deadline or have they completely abandoned it? Has anybody heard any ramblings?
  8. Do any 2-Door Non-Squatch OBX Pics Exist

    ...besides the bad angled photos of the Area 51 from a while ago? I’ve searched high and low and am starting to get pretty annoyed that I’ve ordered a Bronco and have no idea what it will actually look like from the side profile outside of a computer generated mock-up. Somebody, anybody make my...
  9. Bronco Sport overheat

    I hope this is a totally different technology than the Advanced 4x4 I’m paying extra for on my OBX. I’m just going to continue with my order and pretend I didn’t see this. 😬 https://www.autoevolution.com/news/2021-ford-bronco-sport-overheating-ptu-issue-curbs-the-crossover-s-credibility-157682.html
  10. Potential Package (+ Sasquatch) Pricing Previewed in Bronco Reservation Survey Email

    Updated with statement from Ford: "The Bronco brand is committed to meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers. We're sending this equipment, package and pricing survey to 10,000 randomly selected two- and four-door Bronco reservation holders," said a Ford representative in a...
  11. Let’s pay a game!

    Let’s play a little game I like to call “Pass the time until the B&P tool finally arrives!” For whatever reason you can ONLY purchase a base model but you have $10k to spend on options and by the grace of God you can upgrade all the way to the Lux package. What are you buying? (Prices are...
  12. 33-34” tires on 18” wheel?

    Does this size tire even exist for the 18” wheel on the Outer Banks? Even looking online, I can’t seem to find anything bigger than the tire it comes with.