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  1. Gorilla Glass Windshield needs to be factory option

    Anyone that wants to see how much the Jeep community likes Gorilla Glass, check the JLWrangler forums. Spoiler: They don't. I spec'd my JLR with Gorilla Glass hoping to curb windshield breakage, but after seeing first hand experience, I've curbed my expectations and anticipate it being just...
  2. How to protect exposed spare tire from the elements??

    This has been a great thread.
  3. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    If you ordered at the end of January, I wouldn't stress about having to worry about this any time in 2022 or possibly 2023. 💀💀💀
  4. Air Down Advice - Schnebly Hill/Black Gap Trails

    20psi is the absolute maximum I'll do for washboarded dirt trails (for comfort. Won't be needed for grip/capability). Any higher transmits too much into the cabin, IMO. I've never had a problem at 15 psi, without beadlocks, and most here will probably agree it's a very safe, reasonable pressure...
  5. Ford Performance Upgraded Steering Rack and Tie Rods

    If you're legitimately not sure why, I don't suspect we'd be able to explain it to you.
  6. Is this The only way to shrink the digital speedo/tach?

    Whoever it is that decided RPMs should be displayed in "0000.00" format on a vehicle's dash, DM me please. I just wanna talk.
  7. The Mid-March Update from Granger Ford

    That's awesome. I'm curious what your build looked like, because I ordered on 2/14. I went Rubicon, 2-door, 3.6, manual, 4.88 final drive, hard top, cold weather, LED, both safety packages, and towing.
  8. The Mid-March Update from Granger Ford

    I have a 2-door manual Badlands order with Granger that's showing up as 65 on the list, but with multiple commodity sins (2-door, hardtop, Lux, tow). I ended up ordering a 2-door manual JL Rubicon from Granger, which will hopefully arrive much sooner.
  9. Added Sport Mode on my Badlands using ForScan. Really wakes up the 2.3

    Remapping a throttle to open 100% with very little pedal input isn't what a lot of people would consider an actual change. Subaru throttles are mapped like that from the factory, and I personally think it's idiotic, and would prefer a more linear pedal (half travel equals half throttle, matted...
  10. The reason Bronco “Raptor” won out over "Warthog"

    Same with guns. We used to have cool names like Detective Special, Combat Magnum, Police Positive, Highway Patrolman, Python, Anaconda, Deerslayer, Stakeout, Bren 10... Now it's all soyboy number+letter designations.
  11. Phase 1 Customizations: First Edition Area 51 - White Grille, Wheels, Mirrors, Stripes, Wrapped MIC Top

    I want those white Fifteen52 analogs on my Oxford White white 2-door Badlands. There's a significant chance that white-on-white will look idiotic... but I need to see it.
  12. My Bronco on 20x10s 2inch lift

    A 10/10 post by up-and-coming rapper Yung Sidewall.
  13. Thanks for the add, just wanted to show you my addition to the family

    Bros before hoes, man. Lux package is worth it.
  14. ...since we all like chasing boxy unicorns...Jimny(Bronco lite!)

    Offer the Jimny here and I'm buying one yesterday.