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  1. Rock Krawler Suspension coming Triangulated 4 link

    Have been keeping track of this. I believe Exodus Jeeps has been testing this system out as well. They are well known in the Jeep universe.
  2. HOLY WOW! $91,570 for a Bronco Heritage Limited

    It already has, anyone trying to sell or trade one in is going to be very disappointed. Dealers are already getting a glut of them they cant sell. High interest rates have a lot to do with this, but I believe the market is limited for these once the initial fan fare wears off. Anyone...
  3. Bronco Shcmonko Im Taking the Hayabusa to MOAB LOL

    Dude is persistent for sure...
  4. Wyatt Johnson Ford in Nashville TN

    Look around on lots...some are available.... That dealer is out of their Minds...not aware of the current state of the economy and Financing. Id Elon Musk them....Go Fuck youselves...
  5. Bronco vs Hemi Jeep Ultimate Crash Battle!

    FYI: Not debating anything, but just to add a little more info... The Guy driving the Jeep was Bryce from Dixie 4 wheel drive in St George Utah. His family and his shop is well known in the area ( it is right next to Sand Hollow). Bryce is no novice and knows his way around Sand Hollow as...
  6. Blown M190 on Hells Gate <-Video proof

    Holy shit dude... that was pucker factor 5 sulu on the slide back..... good on you from keeping it off its lid..
  7. Alignments with tires over 37"

    Ive had mine aligned with 37s no problem. Not sure about bigger sizes though.
  8. Turn Offroad | Aftermarket Hard Top NOW AVAILABLE

    Awesome.... the Top Ford should have made.
  9. BILSTEIN 6112's on a Non SAS 2 Door, Very Confused

    I did the 6100s on my 4 door, which was Sasquatch before hand. I swapped springs top hats and Jounces over. My lift was pretty similar to the charts, I didnt go up that much (didnt want to) There is a youtube video, Sarahntuned channel had a Black diamond 2 door (I believe) non Sasquatch and...
  10. BILSTEIN 6112's on a Non SAS 2 Door, Very Confused

    I believe its the 6112 and Bilstien Springs that give that much lift. You can get the 6100s, and buy Sasquatch springs for a 2 door and get less lift depending upon which cir clip you use. Or like Aonarch said get the ford performance kit. The 6100s with springs prolly in the same price or...
  11. Broncos on Fordyce 10/29/2023

    Awesome Job. That is a hard trail. Anyone who wants to see a little more perspective of this trail and some of the "winch hills" Dave and Fred did an episode a year or so back of Dirt Every Day, they took a few trucks on this trail. No Joke
  12. Steering Rack Issue

    Considering the Rack is the same one Ford puts the equivalent of 35s on in the Sasquatch package... I would argue that the lift and tire size is no different than what Ford produces. I would be a thorn in their side and Ford Warranty/customer Service.
  13. 2024 Bronco Safari @Moab permit denied; 30 days to appeal!

    and you won a Bronco why ????? There is an over abundance of over reach by government everywhere, especially when it comes to OUR public lands. The closing of trails at will is totally subjective.....And you can show us examples of land that has been given back.....
  14. HOSS 3.0 severe duty STEERING RACK and TIE RODS ...Ford Performance M-3200-WT

  15. HOSS 3.0 take offs on base suspension?

    There is a thread on here, someone did this and posted before and after. You should be fine just adding the HOSS 3.0 coil overs. The UCA and Trailing arms are the same across the board. You should have enough adjust ability in the front for an alignment. Only thing to be mindful of what...
  16. KOH Edition Bronco just arrived at my dealer

    Chauffeur included ???
  17. UAW and Ford have reached a contract agreement! [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Maybe focus on the Billions Farley and the rest of the Brain trust wasted on the EV BS no one really wants....or the people in DC forcing them down this Pie in the sky road... They might have more capital to spend on employees ....huh
  18. 2024 Bronco Safari @Moab permit denied; 30 days to appeal!

    Sand Hollow is a blast for sure. Ive been to Trail hero which is in October. There are a few other events coming up, like I listed previously. Winter 4 x 4 jamboree in January, and United by Bronco. Just beware of weather , can have snow and more rain in January, and for United by bronco in...