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  1. Granger Motors Bronco Pricing and clarifications for the masses

    Then I hope Jon will rescind/update his post stating that Granger is "shady" . . . and then quickly ducking followup questions by stating he doesn't deal with "rumors" (that he started!).
  2. Bronco commercial aired during US Open golf tournament

    And not just the US Open . . . but the US Open at Winged Foot! I remember being a teenager back in '74 with my Mom visiting her best friend from college in Westchester County. Someone in the family had been to the Open the day before and picked up hats and shirts and stuff, so everyone in the...
  3. Bronco Build & Price date

    BroncoNation *IS* a marketing team . . . just not a very good one.
  4. Anybody into Formula 1?

    Yeah, but this year not the same for me without the Corvette Racing team and Porsche only sent half a team. So, normally, I stay up all night and watch the whole damn thing but this year I'll get some sleep and then watch the final hours. But it's on right now, of course.
  5. Anybody into Formula 1?

    Yeah, I've got extended family in San Antonio so part of the plan was also a visit out there as home base then taking the not-nearly-as-long drive to COTA. It sure looks like a beautiful circuit and the buzz from the drivers has always been positive. Plus there's the Texas BBQ Trail nearby as...
  6. Bronco commercial aired during US Open golf tournament

    I hear you. I can't play anymore as I can't twist my back enough for much more than half a swing but I would definitely love rolling up to the bag drop doors off and top down.
  7. Today should be the day the interior packages are shown.

    Doesn't everyone off-road in top hat and tux?
  8. Anybody into Formula 1?

    Long time fan here. Current situation with the Merc dominance is a little boring at times. Max makes it fun, sorry to see him get axed the last two races. Next weekend at Sochi will most likely be another MB snoozefest, sorry to say. Pre-pandemic it had been my plan to retire this year...
  9. Reviewed Bronco paint samples book with inspection lamp - Photos & Video of Antimatter Blue, Cactus Gray, Cyber Orange, Rapid Red

    The stills of the cyber orange remind me more of gold lame than they do orange.
  10. Likely no pricing until late October and a good portion of the dealerships aren't apparent Granger Ford quality....Just a Hunch...

    I don't see the release of B&P being anywhere near that late. It would just be bad PR for Ford to do so with the 10/31 dealer change restriction. I'm definitely not someone you could describe as a "glass half full" kind of guy but I feel confident that B&P will drop "soon"®.
  11. Granger Motors Bronco Pricing and clarifications for the masses

    "Not interested in rumors" . . . unless he's the one posting them. :rolleyes:
  12. Granger Motors Bronco Pricing and clarifications for the masses

    I believe he is referring to FB group Ford Bronco 2021. There's an admin on that group that owns a dealership and is stating that Granger is "shady".
  13. Off roading with a manual transmission Bronco

    Yes, if the vehicle has auto S/S it is on the MT's as well as the AT's.
  14. What song will you be playing in first drive of your Bronco?

    "Badlands" by Bruce Springsteen, of course. Will be even better when I'm playing that in my Badlands 4-dr while driving at Badlands Off Road Park. :cool:
  15. Granger Motors Bronco Pricing and clarifications for the masses

    OMG, will it go on their PERMANENT RECORD? :ROFLMAO:
  16. Pricing for Ford Performance Parts winch by Warn?

    The solenoid on the Warn, like on many winches, can be relocated.
  17. Granger Ford - Out of state customers

    This is why I have been waiting before I contact my local dealer. On the flipside, though, there's nothing stopping them from announcing how much they are willing to discount from whatever the price may be and whether they will forego ADM.
  18. 2021 Bronco Will Appear at Bronco Super Celebration EAST (Tennessee) on Oct 6-10

    Good point - maybe the covid-forced reschedule from Spring to Fall messed them up, I don't know.