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  1. Philly

    Moved your reservation?

    I don't plan to switch, but if the right deal comes around it will happen.
  2. Philly

    Spied: 2023 Warthog Bronco Riding on Raptor-Spec Fox Shocks and 35" Sasquatch Tires

    Do you think it looks wider than the regular Sasquatch package? To me it does, but that could just be the camo playing tricks on my eyes.
  3. Philly

    Spied: 2023 Warthog Bronco Riding on Raptor-Spec Fox Shocks and 35" Sasquatch Tires

    I wonder if it will be four door only because that will be more stable at high speed off road.
  4. Philly

    Manual Sasquatch or Auto Sasquatch?

    That is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I have been driving my Wrangler very little lately and borrowing an F-150 with the 3.5L in it and it is fantastic. If the 2.7L in a two door drives anything like that, I will be extremely happy. The offering of the manual with Sasquatch does make me...
  5. Philly

    Ally opp!!! Short people post!

    I am pretty short (5'6" on a good hair day) and daily drive a wrangler with a 2.5" lift and 35's. I have rock rails, but they hug the body too tightly to consistently use as a step. I also added handles to the upper corners of the windshield because the JK's don't come with any. If the handles...
  6. Philly

    Greetings from Baja Designs!

    Happy to see @Baja Designs on the forum! I just discovered them earlier this week, did some research, and was sold! Quality and light output is unparalleled. Never thought I would be so excited to get a set of lights for my Bronco! Paul, are you allowed to tell us if Baja Designs will have...
  7. Philly

    Greetings from Baja Designs!

    Only problem is that the corner piece comes off on the modular front bumper. People who plan to remove it will have to be creative with fog light location.
  8. Philly

    Bronco Pickup Truck Renderings (Single and Crew Cab) - Yay or Nay?

    Like the Jeep LJ's? The two door Bronco is actually similar in spec, but much wider. This is one of the reason's I am so excited for the two door Bronco.
  9. Philly

    Bronco Pickup Truck Renderings (Single and Crew Cab) - Yay or Nay?

    So I would like to see Ford build a Bronco pickup (Maverick?), but I am concerned about cannibalizing ranger sales. I feel like it will be the same with maybe a different grille, probably more off road friendly suspension, and removable top and doors. And if they do this, where does the Ranger...
  10. Philly

    Choosing aftermarket wheel size for < 35” tire

    The same size tires are cheaper on smaller wheels. It’s something to do with the shorter sidewalls being more difficult to manufacture. Also, I remember reading somewhere that 16” wheels are a tough size for off road tire selection. The explanation was that it’s a popular size for heavy trucks...
  11. Philly

    Removable Windows

    There is now a 90% chance I will not get a modular top. I like that it's black, but i just don't think it's worth it anymore. I was pretty excited for the windows to pop out because of the lack of soft top option from the factory, but I guess I will live. Hate to add to the "aftermarket will...
  12. Philly

    Just be honest and transparent with us, Ford.

    Okay, lets all be real here. Ford is just playing hard to get. If this were easy we would lose interest after a couple of weeks... or maybe that's just with relationships. 😂
  13. Philly

    Is this in everyone’s future?

    So I have a friend, who may or may not have been in an altered mental state at the time, that I watched do this with my Wrangler hard top glass and the tailgate for like 5 minutes. It was priceless. 😂
  14. Philly

    What’s your bronco backup plan?

    Plan A is 2 door Bronco Badlands. Plan B is to buy my dad's 2018 F-150 off of him. From there I will make it as long as I can with a vehicle that doesn't have removable doors or roof without breaking into hives. Plan C is 2 door JL Rubicon. Plan D is Ranger. Only reason this is at the bottom...
  15. Philly

    What's going on between the lights and letters?

    I'm not going to lie, I wish I could unsee this. 😂
  16. Philly

    Aftermarket Fog Lights - Modular Front Bumper

    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they could fit where it is believed the adaptive cruise sensor is, on each side of it. Another option, if the winch does hang off the front of the bumper, may be to mount them upside down on the inside of the tow hooks. This should get them low enough and...
  17. Philly

    Aftermarket Fog Lights - Modular Front Bumper

    Good call on the Q&A. I also hate the way the winch hangs off the front of the bumper. This is something I feel the Wranglers do much better. I could maybe get used to it, but it just looks so slapped on there and I was looking forward to utilizing the factory bumper until aftermarket came out...
  18. Philly

    Aftermarket Fog Lights - Modular Front Bumper

    Seems like we are on the same page. I was also looking at people doing something very similar to your F-150 setup on Tacomas and RAMs. Seems to work pretty well. Not sure where or how I will want to mount the fogs on the modular front bumper on the Bronco, though. I don't want to put them...
  19. Philly

    Aftermarket Fog Lights - Modular Front Bumper

    Yeah I am aware this is also preproduction, but I am willing to bet ford has an option for badlands/modular bumper purchasers to keep factory wiring and switch for the fog lamps. They might require you to purchase their lighting solution though. For the right price, I would probably do it. If...
  20. Philly

    Aftermarket Fog Lights - Modular Front Bumper

    If you have the correct beam pattern and it is placed low enough, a light bar would work great. You just can't use one legally on the street.