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  1. DHC

    Car and Driver rendering

    indeed. Got really tense and angry before noticing this was from 2019.
  2. DHC

    You know you're a Bronco fan if...

    11. You've broken your computer F5 key, waiting for B&P.
  3. DHC

    Bronco makes cover of Car & Driver Oct/2020

    Thanks for posting. This launch is a really big deal. Every random person that I've mentioned "Bronco" has gone crazy ... they get all animated and excited.
  4. DHC

    Performing engine break in period during long delivery roadtrip?

    Vary your speed/RPMs periodically, expect brakes and tires to be a bit less than optimal, don't go crazy redlining it. You'll be fine. These are modern engines.
  5. DHC

    Get everything in writing before you finalize your choice of dealership

    This is solid advice. However, when getting the deal in writing, most think only of the purchase price relative to MSRP, invoice, whatever. But don't forget about the junk fees. Get in writing the amount charged for processing, administration, etc. ... basicially everything except state...
  6. DHC

    Any Georgia dealer doing invoice price or better?

    They’re probably hoping you’ll forget all about that little “dealer change by Oct. 31 or you lose your place in line.”
  7. DHC

    Another local dealership response PARKWAY Ford

    I’m thinking these dealers are trying to “run out the clock” through the end of October. At that point you’re locked in with them unless you want to lose your reservation spot.
  8. DHC

    Any Georgia dealer doing invoice price or better?

    Now it would get REALLY interesting if they put this offer in writing ... something like this:
  9. DHC

    4x4 Class 101 (Saving Broncos from Permanent Mall Crawler Duty)

    Excellent thread, much appreciated. I'm one of those whom have never been on any kind of remotely serious offroad trail. Live in Atlanta, so was thinking of joining up with a local group that heads up into the N Georgia mountains. Plan to be a sponge and learn everything I can from folks.
  10. DHC

    Will dealers be trained and ready when the price and build drops?

    That is just depressing. True ... but depressing.
  11. DHC

    Navy Pier Interior + Cactus Gray Bronco Combination on Bronco Sport

    This is going to be my color, unless Ford gives us Sage Green.
  12. DHC

    No sasquatch available on Outer Banks?

    Alright, I know the Ford website lists it but was surprised to see Sasquatch tires available only for Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Badlands (standard on FE and Wildtrack).
  13. DHC

    No sasquatch available on Outer Banks?

    Am I reading the attached correctly? In the wheel/tire sections there doesn't look to provide for sasquatch 35" tires on Outer Banks?
  14. DHC

    Color Locking Based on Trim

    Hell, I just want a nice, dark green.
  15. DHC

    Ford employees get time with launch Broncos at Livonia and Van Dyke Transmission Plants

    Apologies if I'm wrong, but this looks to be the first time those mammoth tires on the Cyber Orange 2-door are unequivocally confirmed at 37". They really, really need to offer us the white hardtop.
  16. DHC

    2021 Bronco Will Appear at Bronco Super Celebration EAST (Tennessee) on Oct 6-10

    Indeed. I grew up in Knoxville. Beautiful part of the country.
  17. DHC

    2021 Bronco Will Appear at Bronco Super Celebration EAST (Tennessee) on Oct 6-10

    I hear you, but Smoky Mountain Nat'l Park is the most-visited one in the nation. And there are some serious off-road opportunities in the Appalachia.
  18. DHC

    Dealer just requested another $400 to advance my reservation.

    Try and turn the tables .... get them to send *you* $400 to keep them as your dealer.
  19. DHC

    Sasquatch comes with matching spare or not?

    Coincidentally, the first page has an ad from
  20. DHC

    Waiting to make dealer switch

    That's an interesting twist. Presume the dealer email is a legally binding offer, right?