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  1. Good price on Chemical Guys Convertible Top Cleaner

    If you have an Ollie’s close by I saw Chemical Guys convertible top cleaner for $5.99.
  2. Pennsylvania bill to change doors-off law

    Saw this posted on another forum. Those of you that live in PA know it’s not legal to drive with your doors off. Well a bill has been introduced to hopefully change that. Senate Bill 298
  3. 6th gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down the MAP line

    Looks like they may have started doing some production test runs of the Gen 6 Ranger at MAP. Pics: https://www.ranger6g.com/forum/threads/gen-6-ranger-raptor-rolling-down-the-map-line.7213/
  4. I've moved on - For now

    No this isn't an exit post. LOL But I did trade my 3.5 month old Black Diamond last week. Due to numerous electrical and mechanical issues, engine and powertrain faults that are leaving no code traces, soft top issues and general quality issues with my Bronco, I decided trading now versus...
  5. Finally saw a Raptor in person

    Have to admit this thing was beastly. And the flares don’t look as obnoxious when you see it in person. The blue one next to it was a Base Sasquatch. Had to look up the price while I was there. :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:
  6. No more 2023MY scheduling for hardtops, Sasquatch and LUX (reported by dealership)

    Well this is not good news. Just got this email from Ashlie at Chapman Ford... Follow-up posted by @frostyjake A link to a reply from Ashlie was posted above, but it seems people are missing it. Here's the the text from the Chapman thread...
  7. Just received a cool Bronco picture

    A thank you gift for my purchase.
  8. Got the dreaded “service engine soon” light

    Remote started the Bronco this morning. When I was heading out I noticed the idle sounded off. There was a secondary sound that sounded almost like some sort of leak. Got in and hit the start button and the service engine soon wrench was lit up. Headed down the road and it felt underpowered...
  9. Joined the cracked windshield club today

    Took a hard hit this morning. Pretty sure it was a rock or piece of concrete that flew off of a dump truck going the opposite direction. Unfortunately it was dark. As hard as it hit and as loud as it was I think any windshield would have ended up the same way. An inch higher and the wiper would...
  10. Looks like Caravana is in trouble

    It was only a matter of time. They were doing a bunch of buying high. And now they are stuck with inventory and have to sell low. A Major Car Company Is Going Bankrupt?
  11. Anyone try the UPR grille letters???

    Just wondering if anyone has installed these aftermarket letters yet. Better yet have a side by side comparison with the stock letters. UPR Direct Replacement Grille Letters Compatible 21-23
  12. Milestone miles

    Just a little fun post. Hit yesterday. A little Bronco heritage.
  13. Soft top windows are apparently very easy to scratch

    Just got home from shopping yesterday and while opening the back door to get my granddaughter out I noticed a scratch in the rear side window. It's almost like a backwards C. Was hoping it was just a smudge at first but it has texture. I have not used anything to clean them. Just soapy rinse...
  14. Rattle can spray paint Carbonized Gray color match???

    Just wondering if anyone has found an off the shelf spray paint that is very close to carbonized gray. Yeah I know I can order exact match in a spray can. Don't want to spend that money. It's for a few small parts and it doesn't necessarily have to be an exact match.
  15. Spa day

    Had the day off and the house to myself. So I decided to bathe her for the first time. Pretty quick process. I like to work out a routine for when I wash. Usually takes me a few times to get a system down, but got it the first time.
  16. My fix for dash mount phone charging

    Yeah it's not the prettiest. But at least the charging cable isn't hanging down in front of the dash. Which drives me nuts.
  17. Some new choices for less aggressive A/T tires

    Both have 60k mile treadlife and are pretty light. Great if you don’t need a super aggressive tire or LT rated. Nitto Nomad Grappler BF Goodrich Trail Terrain
  18. Delaware Sold: Bronco OEM rock rails

    Selling a set of OEM rock rails removed from my Black Diamond. Used but in excellent condition with no damage. Includes all mounting hardware. $250 Pick up in central Delaware. Not willing to ship.
  19. Go Rhino RB20 running boards installed

    Just got done installing my Go Rhino RB20 running boards. Had these on my Gladiator and had already decided they would be going on the Bronco too.
  20. New IAG folding tailgate table with molle panel

    I think this is pretty cool. Mixing two tailgate upgrades into one unit. IAG I-Line Tailgate Table No Drill with Molle Panel for 2021+ Ford Bronco