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  1. What the rear flare should have looked like

    Saw this on Facebook. Now how hare would it have been for Ford to do something like this? https://www.facebook.com/reel/216547901424935?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V&mibextid=0NULKw
  2. 6/20/22 Build Week Group

    Moved out from 5/23 and then 5/30 and not seeing a 6/20 group so I'll start this one. Let me know if there is one. Just curious is 6/20 the holding pattern for delayed Raptor builds until they get rescheduled again 😟, or are there any non-Raptors in the 6/20 group?
  3. What we need to know about the Bronco Raptor in Advance of ordering

    I am just starting a list of what we'd like to know / see before March order time frame. Feel free to add and I will try to update into a running list: Seats: Colors? What does the MGV look like? Powered? How many way adjustment? Rear armrest have cupholders? Leather options cost? Does leather...
  4. Introducing Yellowstone - New Color for 2022 Bronco

    As I said in my other 2022 paint colors thread here, I ordered a can of the Yellowstone color to compare with CO ====>> Introducing Yellowstone: It appears to be a dirty yellow, very much like 1971 Prairie Yellow: Which leads me to believe the accessories catalog leaked two Heritage...
  5. 2022 Bronco Colors Online - no Green (yet)

    I found these online. Perhaps they give us hints for some of the 2022 colors. Yellowstone looks interesting. https://www.paintscratch.com/touch_up_paint/Ford/2022-Ford-Bronco.html A: The post that broke the 2021 Bronco colors hit in February last year and was sourced from...
  6. How close will 2022 colors be to 2022 Ranger colors?

    Since the Bronco pretty much exactly matches the 2021 Ranger colors, I wonder how close the 2022 colors be to 2022 Ranger colors? Sources on ford parts here, and fordapai.com here. I came across 2022 Ranger and Bronco Sport colors on the Ford Parts website the other day. While the Bronco Sport...