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  1. Torque Specs Rear Sway Bar?

    Also interested in how it turns out. I've been thinking about pulling the trigger forever but haven't actually done it yet. But I just added my roof rack back to my Bronco and holy body-roll batman.
  2. How many get built weekly?

    There’s about 4000 unscheduled orders left. Beginning of February there was around 5500 orders left. They don’t report on how many new orders were submitted to the order banks. But regardless… net 1500 reduction in unscheduled orders in one month’s time.
  3. First Mod: In Loving Memory

    I’ve always said that the smallest and more “boring” Bronco mods can often be the most impactful to your life. But you sir have shown that to be true on a whole new and much more meaningful level. Great way to pay tribute to her and your life together. Cancer sucks. That is all.
  4. How many get built weekly?

    Ford builds anywhere from 7000-12000 Broncos a month. Average is probably around 8500 month, but we haven’t seen February’s numbers yet I don’t think. I would anticipate that going down a smidgen as Ranger production picks up—but once Michigan Assembly Plant’s third shift is fully online (may...
  5. Ford Performance winch mount

    I think @Tricky Mike is correct about this one. Keep in mind Ford sells this in a factory configuration with Everglades, and therefore they had to do all of the NHTSA safety regulation engineering work along with it. in an ideal world, you would do the same with an aftermarket winch as well...
  6. What is the current market for a Bronco hardtop?

    Probably all three to be honest. BUT, yes… I do think ADV Fiberglass will have the best hard top on the market… IF—and that’s an extra big “IF”—it ever makes it to market.
  7. Quick Question about Bilstein 6112

    In my opinion, 2" is right at the line between needing one and not needing one, it could go either way. But you should be fine without one. Not with the M210 CVs. I would assume the same would be true with the M190 CVs, but can't say for certain. Not really necessary until you get to a ~2.5 -...
  8. What is the current market for a Bronco hardtop?

    You didn't mention if you were referring to the OEM tops or aftermarket, so I guess I'll do both. 4-door OEM prices range anywhere from $4000 - $6500 for used hard tops, though I've seen some sell for as high as $8000. They still cannot be bought new from Ford unless you are willing to order...
  9. Ford Performance winch mount

    Factory winch is now $2600—just FYI for everyone. I think a lot of people looked at the $3500 launch price and promptly forgot it existed—myself included. But last summer they dropped the price to $2600. Once you include the frequent 10-20% discounts on Ford Accessories, the ability to use...
  10. What is this mounted on my brand new 2024?

    Protects the harness. You have to remove that piece when installing the actual hitch.
  11. Ultimate 2024MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    Updated the first post to reflect recent price increases: February 25th, 2024 +$500 - Big Bend, Black Diamond, Heritage, Badlands (-$500) - 10-Speed Automatic Transmission option Note that trims that have the automatic transmission standard (Outer Banks, Wildtrak, etc.) were not impacted...
  12. What is this mounted on my brand new 2024?

    It's part of the tow package preparation kit that's now standard on all Broncos. The tow package was previously installed at the factory. Now it's installed by the dealership (or you in your driveway), but to make it slightly easier for dealers they added a tow prep kit. If you look there is...
  13. Ford Performance winch mount

    Unfortunately it's an all-or-nothing on the Ford Performance winch mount. Although I will say the winch it comes with is solid. There are many other winch mounts—you've already named a few—Rough Country, JCR, IAG, etc. The Buckle-Up winch mount is nothing particularly special honestly, it's...
  14. HD Front Bumper after market lights

    There are many MANY options at various price points. Personally I like these from Heretic Studio. Fantastic build quality, easy to install, good stuff. I’ve been buying their stuff for a long time and never had an issue. There is also these from Rigid, which are very popular and very similar to...
  15. Do they sell Bronco grille letters like on the reveal Bronco?

    Several people have achieved this with the overlays and spray paint. Mask off the parts you don’t want painted and rattle can your way to victory.
  16. Have You Ever Chickened Out on Rule 1?

    Eh, the Bronco subreddits are pretty chill normally. Generally speaking... super easy to moderate. Some of the more controversial topics here on Bronco6g—like a potential hybrid/EV Bronco, which I imagine keeps @Administrator extremely busy here on B6G—are actually very well received over on...
  17. Have You Ever Chickened Out on Rule 1?

    Ohhhhhhh. So no money, bummer. As one of the moderators of the r/FordBronco and r/bronco I feel like I should have known that. But, nope, I did not. I’ve seen those posts on Reddit obviously, but—unlike the bucked/ducked posts—they don’t require constant hand-holding from us moderators, so...
  18. Have You Ever Chickened Out on Rule 1?

    I feel like there is a secret Bronco fight club and I haven't been invited to it. What the heck is Rule 1? Will it pay me money?
  19. BRONCO SEVERE DUTY STEERING UPGRADE KIT now available from Ford Performance Parts!

    I won't be able to personally because I have one of the unsupported vehicles. But I do have a ProCal and if someone nearby wants to work with me then I'll try to make a video for it. As @Snacktime will tell you... the ProCal Is super underwhelming, which is why I haven't done a video on it...