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  1. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    If you're asking me, I ordered last May and got them last September. I was just finally putting up a couple of pictures that someone asked me for.
  2. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Love these things.
  3. Transfer Case Output Shaft Seal Leak

    Anyone else put significant miles on after replacement? I'm over 38,000 miles now and have not had any further issues, thankfully.
  4. Rear output shaft seal leaking

    Yep, that's the rear output shaft coming out of the transfer case, and it is transmission fluid (reddish color). Mine was only dripping 1-2 drips per day while it was happening. The dealer ordered a new seal and replaced it. Over 20K miles since then and no issues at all. Here's the thread I...
  5. Bronco Vs K5, design perspective

    @Administrator, can we have the puke emoji back, pretty please?!?
  6. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    I mean, none of us were surprised after we saw you are a BMW/MB owner. I kid, I kid. :) Hope you guys work something out, because these things are pretty dang awesome!
  7. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Got back from a little work trip and had these waiting in the mailbox.
  8. Driver and other cameras intermittent - have you seen this?

    My front and rear cameras do this randomly, but the sides have remained solid. SM told me it was a software problem they could take care of during next service, so we'll see...
  9. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Got my tracking number on September 8th, but USPS is still showing they are waiting for the item. Fingers crossed it gets going soon! These all look so great.
  10. Splotchy Paint - Iconic Silver - Anyone Else

    Like you said, can't tell from the picture, but I hope you get it fixed to your satisfaction. Haven't had any paint issues with mine, it just looks so damn good out in the sun!
  11. Bronco Raptor Cluster Swap

    Symmetrical? Yes. Better? Absolutely not. IMHO, of course. 😂
  12. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    I'm in the same batch and did not get an email. You and I are Badlands, and so far (unless I missed it), the ones who got an email are not Badlands.
  13. Who Else Has Made It To Bronco Knoll?

    Don't think I got the side facing the valley you are talking about, but you can check starting at 1:45 to see.
  14. Another Mid-Year Price Increase as of 07/25/23

    Ouch. My sticker from June 2021 was $56,110, just did an exact replica in B&P.... $64,680! 👀 May she run forever...
  15. Hard top discoloration??? I took this to two Ford dealers and they said nothing was wrong?!?!?!

    Everyone with eyes: That's a problem. Dealers 1 & 2: That's normal fading.
  16. Have Four Bronco Tops - OEM, Bestop Trektop, Anderson Composite -- (happy to answer questions)

    So you're just gonna post a picture of the box on a pallet and not any of the actual tops? 😂