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  1. Shock top hat part numbers

    Ive searched and cant find them anywhere. Probably not entering the correct search term. Im looking for the front and rear shock top hats and "bearings" or whatever you want to call them. I bought Bilstein 6112s and Im considering just putting all new tops and bearings on them to do a straight...
  2. Lift kit analysis paralysis

    Ok I'm in the market for a small lift for my 2dr Non Sasquatch Badlands and spacers are out of the question. I do a fair amount of low speed rock crawling and overlanding here in East TN so I dont need a crazy long travel desert racing setup. Im only looking to go up to 35's but I would like a...
  3. 2.7 Cam Phaser rattle oil choice

    So all the folks that have the 2.7 cam phaser rattle, what brand of oil were you using when it started rattling?? I was using Pennzoil Platinum when mine started. 500mi ago I switched to Motorcraft oil and mysteriously......mine has stopped rattling on startup the last couple days. It was doing...
  4. 2.7 injector rattling on startup

    Anybody getting some fierce injector rattling on startup? Turned over 31k miles today and it did it twice today after sitting for a couple hours. Almost like the fuel pressure had completely bled off while sitting then of course pumped back up at startup. It lasts literally 2sec max but it was...
  5. Anybody running real aftermarket beadlocks?

    So I KOed 3/4 of my RTR wheels this weekend at Windrock so Im looking into true beadlocks and 35" tires specifically for trails. Anybody running aftermarket beadlocks yet? If so what brand? Looking at KMCs since they have a 0mm offset. Im on a stock height 2dr Badlands btw. RTR wheels pics for...
  6. East TN to Polebridge MT with a few stops in between

    Left East TN July 23rd to set out for a 2 week road trip with the apex of the trip being Polebridge, MT and Lake McDonald in Glacier NP. Ultimately this was a fly fishing/ sight seeing trip. First day drove from near Chattanooga to St Joseph, MO, 11hr drive and never once felt uncomfortable in...
  7. Trail Sight part number

    Anybody have the part numbers for the trail sights?
  8. Winch control relocation 2.7 V6 question

    Anybody with a 2.7 do a winch control relocation under the hood somewhere? If so, where?? I have the Warn Evo 10 and a BAMF bumper and was gonna relocate the winch controls under the hood but its stuffed with so much BS Im struggling to find a spot.
  9. Tennessee Sold: Capable Bumper take off $300

    Taking off my capable bumper in the morning to install my aftermarket. Come pick it up for $300 to get it out of my way. Only has 250mi on it.
  10. Tennessee Sold: White Bronco Depot emblems

    Bought these when I was going with VB in 2021, now I have a 22 EG and these white ones dont match my color scheme. Still new in package, no damage, all adhesive never been stuck to anything. $95 shipped to lower 48.
  11. Super Cel East 2022 roll call

    Who all is coming on Friday or Saturday?
  12. BAMF bumper outifitted and ready

    Got my new BAMF bumper a few weeks ago and finally got my Baja Designs lights in after nearly a 2 month wait and my Warn Evo 10S. This is a really nice bumper with very good looking welds and the coating is pretty sweet. Its like a crinkle rubber powdercoating. Now if I can just get the Bronco...
  13. Warn Evo 10S -- is 10k pound Evo synthetic more than enough winch for me?

    I got in on the preorder for the BAMF bumper and they are running a Warn Evo winch in theirs. I have a 2dr ordered so my question is will the 10k pound Evo synthetic be more than enough winch for me? Its been a hot minute since Ive been hot and heavy into the off roading so Im sorta out of the loop.
  14. Anyone use Garmin Overlander GPS?

    Anybody use the Garmin Overlander GPS unit for off roading? Im looking at getting a GPS nav unit with SD compatibility to load Trans America Trail maps onto and this keeps popping up as the best unit for that. Just looking for someone with first hand experience using it. Just wanna make sure its...
  15. Wildtrak ride along review

    Got to ride in this beauty today at Super Cel. I will say you Wildtrak folks will not be disappointed. Our driver was a navigator for a Baja 1000 team, drives short course trucks, and builds race truck. Sorry, cant remember his name. The suspension is nuts. The position sensitive Bilsteins...
  16. Another significant Ford at auction

    Just when I thought the RS200 was the most significant Ford to go up for sale this week. I miss my replica. https://worldwideauctioneers.com/1965-shelby-cobra-daytona-coupe-csx-2469/
  17. HO LEE SH** BaT Auction

    1986 Ford RS200 Evolution for sale on BaT Auctions - ending March 19 (Lot #44,535) | Bring a Trailer
  18. Super Cel East Roll Call

    Anybody coming to Super Cel East in Townsend April 21st-24th?
  19. TN GA NC folks get in here

    Anybody interested in doing the Trans America Trail in 2022 after most of us get our Broncos? Was talking with @Pikapp1301 about organizing something from Andrews, NC to maybe Lynchburg, TN at the Jack Daniels Distillery. I plan on buying the GPS map for the TN portion of the TAT and prerunning...
  20. Changing trim level at order

    Anybody else kicking around changing trim levels at order time? I've been dead set on Badlands from the get go but I'm waffling on a Black Diamond with Squatch for two kinda crazy reasons. Im ordering Velocity blue and I like the blue trim handles and stuff in the interior (plus black and gray...