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  1. OEM Hardtop: Do you regret painting it?

    Thread cleaned up. @MacLaurence was a scammer account posting nonsense replies to boost post count (to appear more legitimate). @EBRU2024 is a legitimate user asking a genuine question.
  2. 2025 4Runner (6th gen) spied for first time 📸

    2025 4Runner prototype has just been spied for the first time: https://www.4runner6g.com/forum/threads/2025-4runner-spied-testing-in-public-first-prototype-pics.1258/ * create/copy your account at 4Runner6G with just 1-click at your account copy menu ✅
  3. Bronco January 2024 Sales & Production: 7,427 Sold / 12,143 Produced

    Bronco January 2024 Sales: 7,427 Sales January sales represents a 14.6% increase from December 2023. Bronco January 2024 Production: 12,143 Produced January production represents a 9% decrease from December 2023. See December 2023 results
  4. Toughest Off-Road Test Awaits Ford Bronco at 2024 King Of Hammers KOH

    TOUGHEST OFF-ROAD TEST AWAITS FORD BRONCO AT 2024 KING OF HAMMERS JAN 27, 2024 | HAMMERTOWN, CALIF. All-star lineup of Bronco teams in Ultra4 4400 Unlimited and 4600 Stock racing classes at King of the Hammers off-road race Ford hero vehicles will be on display, including the 2023 Rebelle...
  5. Jeep Wagoneer S EV First Look Leaked Photos

    Leaked images of the 2025 Jeep Wagoneer EV https://www.wagoneersevforum.com/forum/threads/leaked-2025-jeep-wagoneers-ev-production-images.10895/ (affiliate site) * create/copy your account at WagoneerSevforum with just 1-click at your account copy menu ✅
  6. Ford Adds Third Crew at Michigan Assembly Plant to Meet Demand For Bronco And Ranger

    FORD ADDS THIRD CREW TO MEET DEMAND FOR BRONCO AND RANGER, REDUCES F-150 LIGHTNING PRODUCTION JAN 19, 2024 | DEARBORN Ford will create nearly 900 new jobs and add a third crew at Michigan Assembly Plant to increase production of the popular Bronco and Bronco Raptor sport-utility vehicles...
  7. Bronco December 2023 Sales and Production: 6,481 Sold / 13,342 Produced + Full Year Results

    Bronco December 2023 Sales & Production Figures Bronco December Sales: 6,481 Sales. (2023 Full-Year Total): 105,665 vehicles. December sales represent a 123% increase from November. Bronco December Production: 13,342 vehicles. (2023 Full-Year Total): 128,188 vehicles. December production...
  8. Scout Motors Announces a Summer 2024 Reveal Date

    Summer 2024 reveal date announcement video: https://www.scoutevforum.com/forum/threads/scout-ev-announces-summer-2024-reveal.10882/ * create/copy your account at ScoutEVforum with just 1-click at your account copy menu ✅
  9. 🎁 2023 Christmas / Holidays Sales by Bronco6G Sponsors

    Happy Holidays Bronco6G community!! We've compiled a list of the ongoing holiday/Christmas/New Year sales by site sponsors. We’ll update this list as new ones roll in, so check back often! 3W Auto Life / Wolfbox 4x4TruckLEDs ARB 4x4 Bach Built Off-Road Beefcake Racing Goat Fabrication Hooke...
  10. Scout EV SUV and Full-Size Pickup Debut Q3 2024 on Ground-Up Unique Rugged Platform

    Read the details at affiliate site ScoutEVforum. * create/copy your account at ScoutEVforum with just 1-click at your account copy menu ✅
  11. Bronco November 2023 Sales & Production: 2,911 Sold / 10,771 Produced

    Bronco November 2023 Sales & Production Figures Bronco November Sales: 2,911 Sales (YTD): 99,184 vehicles. November sales represent a 39.4% decrease from October. Bronco November Production: 10,771 vehicles. Production (YTD): 114,846 vehicles. November production represents a 13,035%...