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  1. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    Perhaps it’s just a difference between 4A and Part-Time? Mine had a magnet. June 2021 build, part-time 4x4.
  2. JTopsUSA Introduces the Bronco Bimini Sun Shade!

    Today was a perfect example of why I love this thing. First top off cruise of the year! Evening temps between 62-54°F for a sunset drive to Hawk’s Nest. This thing keeps wind/noise at a minimum.
  3. Southbend Clutch Stage II

    I've got on my clutch in some icy/dicey situations - even to the point of it smelling pretty bad and it didn't effect the performance one bit. You must have really smoked it. The thread that kodiak linked has a bunch of info.
  4. WOLFBOX MegaVolt24 4000A Jump Starter!

    Noco has an incredible warranty. Sent me a new one and received it in days.
  5. BRONCO SEVERE DUTY STEERING UPGRADE KIT now available from Ford Performance Parts!

    Right on. I want to learn how to program the HVAC controls for rear defrost…
  6. Transmission fluid change questions

    It was pretty dang easy on the manual transmission...not sure what you have. I should probably drain and fill it again...
  7. New Jersey FS - ARB Single Compressor - CKMA12

    Where in NJ are you?
  8. BRONCO SEVERE DUTY STEERING UPGRADE KIT now available from Ford Performance Parts!

    Agreed that all Sasquatch should have come from factory with this or be included in a recall. Pretty dick of Ford to make it incompatible with 4DR non-sasquatch. I’m hoping that’s just temporary or that someone figures out a workaround. Even if it’s outside warranty coverage.
  9. Petition to keep Wharton State Forest Roads Open

    Nice! I don’t live in NJ, but close enough. I’ve been meaning to spend some time down there fishing and getting lost in the woods. There is already minimal areas like this in the Northeast. I’m planning an early season camp in the coming months. I figured there are a bunch of folks on here...
  10. Should I swap a 2.7 BD Coilover onto my 2.3 base?

    I put a 4D Badlands Sasquatch 2.7L set on my 4D Black Diamond 2.3L Manual and it’s totally fine. Might have even leveled it out a bit. But, I also have a winch and modular bumper. Gained pretty much exactly an inch as advertised.
  11. DIY: Retrofit Bronco Hard Top (Prep Kit & Installation Write-Up)

    I gave up. Haha. Full winter with snow, salt and everything that goes with it and not once did I feel I needed a wiper or defroster.
  12. Key Fob Programming MUST DO (to have fully functioning OEM key fob spares)

    Finally got around to doing this. Now I need to get one for the Ranger. I turned all my chimes off with Forscan - so, it took a couple of times to get the timing right.
  13. Petition to keep Wharton State Forest Roads Open

    Protect Our Recreation: Keep Wharton State Forest Roads Open https://opentrailsnj.org/petition DEP are trying to close 300+ miles roads. Obviously not ideal for for those of us that use this land for outdoor recreation.
  14. I just got a 24 Bronco 2.7l. Where the heck is the auto transmission dipstick fluid check

    MBS just made a beyond factory quality version for the Ranger. Mike plans to expand to Bronco and others. Keep an eye out. https://www.ranger5g.com/forum/threads/remote-transmission-dip-stick-aftermarket-support.24547/
  15. Interior fishing rod rack

    @KABQ - I am all for a budget solution - especially one that is easily removable. The crossbar doesn't really appeal to me. But the Pura Vida would hold all my recovery gear and tools and free up some precious cargo space. Problem is - I have an early-21 build - so, I would need to install my...
  16. Interior fishing rod rack

    I’m battling this same challenge. I am determined to figure out a solid solution this year. I like those Berkley joints. Would love to mount them so they’re sturdy. GoatFab B-Pillar Brace + Pura Vida Attic Tray might be the most secure mounting solution. @KABQ - do the rod tips bounce around...
  17. ICONIC SILVER Bronco Club

  18. I take apart a broken 2.0 steering rack and discover a broken Broncbuster bushing

    That’s what I thought! It was driving me crazy trying to dig up that info. Thanks for confirming.