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  1. National Parks of the Grand Circle Road Trip

    2,291 miles of smiles...10 day, solo road trip. Hit the road and enjoyed the National Parks of the Grand Circle (it's 8 National Parks in a big loop, but I modified and visited 5 and a few other places). I took a detour to spend a little time at Forrest Gump Point (Monument Valley), where...
  2. Breckenridge Colorado Photos

    A few pics taken just outside Breckenridge, Colorado.
  3. Colorado Fishing Trip

    Enjoyed a fantastic day fishing, high up in the mountains here in Colorado.
  4. Happy 4x4 Day!

    Happy 4x4 Day y'all!
  5. Bronco First-Year Review Pics & Video : Couldn't be any happier!

    I've owned my Bronco for exactly a year now...and what a year it's been. One year ago today I flew out to Kansas City to pick up my Bronco in Richmond, MO. I drove back to Colorado, taking a section of Route 66...and what an epic road trip it was. I've put about 14,000 miles in the first...
  6. 🚨 Bronco leads police on chase in Cripple Creek Colorado

    Last night in Cripple Creek, Colorado... The suspect, identified as Ronald Andert, is charged with vehicular eluding, trespass, reckless endangerment, and motor vehicle trespass. Several of the charges are felonies. As of Monday night, Andert was in jail being held on a $50,000 bond.
  7. Colorado Road Trip: Bridal Veil Falls, Alta Ghost Town & Imogene Pass

    Made a trip to Telluride for an extended weekend. Was up on Imogene Pass, but ran a race on it instead of taking the Bronco up. :) I run the Imogene Pass Run each year from Ouray to Telluride...a tough but beautiful 17.1 mile race. My wife and I took a day to enjoy Bridal Veil Falls and a...
  8. Met Mike Levine For Broncos & Coffee

    Mr. Levine was in town (Colorado Springs) this past weekend. Much to my surprise, he spotted my Bullitt Mustang and posted a picture on Twitter. A few days later he invited me to "Broncos & Coffee". We chatted primarily about Family & Fords and it was nice getting to know him better by...
  9. Cadets Parachuting High Above the Bronco

    At the U.S Air Force Academy this afternoon watching cadets go through jump training as part of their the Basic Freefall Parachuting course, known as AM-490. The AM-490 course is the only certified jump program in the world where students make their first freefall jump without assistance...
  10. Personalized Back of Rear Seat With Patches

    Decided to personalize my Bronco just a little more. Many of these patches were on my Air Force uniform back in the day. Now they, along with others that I've added over the yaers, are velcroed on the back of the rear seat. Sure does bring back lots of great memories from all over the world.
  11. Pike National Forest (Colorado)

    Out on a HOV Trail for a few hours this afternoon. Found a swing in the middle of nowhere and jumped on it for for a few minutes. :) Here are a few pics...
  12. Weekend Mountain Getaway

    Spent the weekend up in the mountains here in Colorado...fishing, running mountain trails, hiking with my pups, and a little off-roading as well. Saw a couple of hundred elk...with one herd right next to the Bronco. Nothing like having a Ford Bronco taking you to new adventures, high up in the...
  13. Bronco Built-in Cooler

    This came in handy for me yesterday visiting family. Even has a drain plug! I'm in the mountains running trails often during summer/fall so this will be very convenient when getting back to my Bronco after a long run.
  14. Bronco Off-Roadeo Moab

    Incredible experience and highly recommend. The Bronco is a beast out there and so much fun. Started our day inside with the guides explaining everything...then out on the public trails all day, including lunch. So much to learn out there and the guys at Moab delivered! Wrapped up the day...
  15. Cactus Grey Retro Stripes & More

    My build... Cactus Grey w/Retro Stripes (from Ford) Powder coated Front/Rear Tow Hooks (Badlands Orange) Powder coated Calipers (Badlands Orange) Powder coated Wheel Trim Rings (Grey) Window Tint PPF (front end & windshield frame) Ceramic Coat Absolutely love it...not too crazy, but the...
  16. Cactus Grey...Work In-Progress

    Figured I may as well go ahead and have my exterior mods done right away. The end game...Ford Bronco Retro Stripes, tinted windows, cyber orange powder-coated calipers & tow-hooks, grey powder-coated wheel trim rings, ppf on the leading edges and windshield frame and total ceramic coat. I'm...
  17. Two Boxers and a Bronco

    Ready for some fun in the Bronco!
  18. Bronco Meats Wienermobile

    I came up to him at a stoplight and yelled "I don't mean to be so frank with you, but can I take a picture with my Bronco next to your fancy Wienermobile?" He replied, "only if you ketchup," as he burned out!!! I was in a real pickle, but eventually I caught up to him and he gave me a nice...
  19. OHV Trail Cruise

    Out for a few hours near Pikes Peak, Colorado enjoying scenery this afternoon. Took a few pics with Pikes Peak off in the distance.
  20. My Bronco Journey (From Reservation, Order, Delivery, Road Trip, to Home)

    In light of all of the problems many have had and are currently going through with reservations/ordering/delivery/ADM/etc. I thought I'd share my positive Bronco journey from reservation to pulling into my garage. Background: 55 years-old, married, (adult children) Colorado resident, retired...