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  1. Anybody into Formula 1?

    Been a F1 fan since the early 80s. I lived in Brazil for 5 years when Senna burst onto the scene. Also love Moto GP. Generally the Moto GP races are more exciting than F1 but not always.
  2. Broke my own rule of never buying first year model

    I'm too old to wait:) Engine is not new. Frame is Ranger. Like others have said there is the warranty too.
  3. Sneakerheads! Please tell me I’m not the only one with this addiction 👟

    I always have 2 or 3 shelves in the garage full of running, bicycling and hiking shoes. I am not a sneaker head because I buy them to use them not to collect. Collecting can be a very expensive rabbit hole! A lot of cool and crazy shoes out there for sure.
  4. No V8 from Ford any time soon but mainly because of emissions penalties

    No I want the 2.7. It all depends on what my limits are for fuel mileage. V8 fuel economy would probably be way below my limit but I am hoping that the 2.7 will be OK. Won't know for sure until the numbers come out. It is very subjective for sure. The Bronco will replace my Subaru Crosstrek...
  5. No V8 from Ford any time soon but mainly because of emissions penalties

    I would never choose a V8 because of the bad gas mileage. The 2 dr Bronco has a 16 gallon tank. I am going with the 2.7 v6 and hope the fuel economy is reasonable. Plenty of power with the 2.7 for me. For me the Bronco is not going to be some high powered performance vehicle but rather a decent...
  6. Digital Bronco makes cameo on Monday Night Football

    I wonder if we will eventually get a lot of Bronco commercials or not. Since they are so behind on actually being able to deliver the Bronco. Maybe later?
  7. ↻ What Will Your Bronco Be Up To In Ten Years? ↻

    Not buying this one to keep it pristine. I imagine by the time I sell it it will either be beat up or I will:)
  8. Let's Be Honest About Our Intended Use

    Mostly forest service roads but some are in bad shape and would really defeat or beat up my Subaru Crosstrek. I have ridden them on a motorcycle already so have a good idea. Getting a Badlands, but leaning away from 35 inch tires lately.
  9. Dealer just requested another $400 to advance my reservation.

    You should forward that to Ford. Don't know how much Ford regulates dealers but they should give this dealership a call to tell them to stop this kind of crap.
  10. What is the age of new Bronco buyers?

    63. Bronco is going to be my off road, bicycle/motorcycle carrier.
  11. BRONCO, merely infatuation or more...

    I am not buying a Bronco because it is a Ford our because it is made in the USA. I am buying one because I really love the overall design and capability. It is a new design and for me it is much more interesting than any other vehicle out there. I am willing to wait. That is a very good thing...
  12. All the vehicles we have owned before.

    If you want to talk motos that is much more exciting! 1960s Heathkit Boonie Bike new 1970? Honda CL100 new 1972 Suzuki TS185 new 1973? Penton Mint 400 used 1973 BMW R90/6 used Period of gloom for 10 years with no motos 1990 something Honda XR650L used 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa new (OMG!!!) 2002...
  13. All the vehicles we have owned before.

    1970s used Chevy Nova used 1970s used Olds Delta 88 (gift from parents) used 1953 Buick Roadmaster (power seats and windows!) belonged to my grandmother used Fiat 123 type car (wife's in Brazil) wife bought new 1984 Fiat Spazio (our first new car bought in Rio) new 1986 Oldsmobile Firenza (gift...
  14. Anyone else feel like Ford is doing this all wrong?

    I feel like they are doing a good job of creating hype and seem to have the product that holds up to the hype. Only downside is the long wait for delivery. They will lose buyers over the winter as the excitement wears off and the financial reality sets in. Pretty hard to keep this thing under...
  15. Bike rack / bicycle carrier for 2021 Bronco

    Hitch mount is the way to go. I also like Kuat, but be aware of the wheelbase limit in case you have one of the new long wheelbase mountain bikes. Some bikes are too long. One other issue with the Bronco is the swing out rear door instead of swing down or up. I found a Yakima rack part to...
  16. Anyone getting a Non-Sasquatched Badlands?

    At this point I am still undecided but leaning towards 33s.
  17. Bronco....The Heritage Factor

    Zero heritage for me. I was looking around for an alternative to Jeep right about the time the Bronco hype started and I like the new design a lot. I am going 2dr and was also looking at the 2dr Defender, but they are not in the USA yet and the first one will be another "First Edition" and...
  18. Bored? Tired? Over it? Interest waning?

    Got down to one motorcycle in the house today instead of two(sold one), so the next big purchase for me will be a 2dr Badlands, so I am even more interested. The main appeal to me is the overall nice design both visually and functionally of the vehicle. Long way off though so will go, like all...