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  1. Ajusaf

    Marine Grade Vinyl Thread

    It will hold up well I have marine vinyl in my Honda. It's ok to spill 🍕, but keep your personal juices off the material
  2. Ajusaf

    The Bronco trim badge is reflective - first look

    they need to remove this sticker emblem and make it rust proof metallic
  3. Ajusaf

    Ford Corrects Website – BASE 4 Door Bronco Does NOT Come Standard With Automatic Transmission

    The next correction will be that the 2D do not come Standard with hard tops, it’s optional🤡
  4. Ajusaf

    Warthog Package?

    should have been called Yeti. Sasquatch and Yeti
  5. Ajusaf

    Powder Coated Tube Steps vs the Tremor Hoop-Style Steps

    the power step or?
  6. Ajusaf

    Powder Coated Tube Steps vs the Tremor Hoop-Style Steps
  7. Ajusaf

    Why buy a Badlands or Wildtrack if the Raptor Warthog is coming out

    just buy the Raptor Warthog T-shirt and stick to a 2.7, which is plenty. The interior might have a slight refresh look and I'm sure there will be a added look to the hood and maybe some fender flares , but they're will be plenty aftermarket parts the bronco if you want a special look. Raptor...
  8. Ajusaf

    Automatic On Demand it worth 10 Benjamins?

    Wouldn't the anti slippery/traction control help with some of the things you guys mentioned rather than spend more $$ for 4A? I never owned a 4x4, just real time AWD (HONDA), which works the same way, when the computer detects it needs to engage 4WD then it will kick in
  9. Ajusaf

    More Q&A from Bronco Super Celebration West (by multiple sources)

    also includes a trail hitch camera
  10. Ajusaf

    More Q&A from Bronco Super Celebration West (by multiple sources)

    $600 into a loan payment is better than spending $400 out of your pocket money no?
  11. Ajusaf

    Wildtrak - Isn't it Odd

    I prefer seeing BD especially the interior seating colours etc..
  12. Ajusaf

    360 Deg Camera Views - Lux Package

    I was looking at the cost to see if it's best to stick to BD and upgrade it with aftermarket. Which brand did u use and how much was it?
  13. Ajusaf

    What are you cross-shopping the Bronco against?

    For the same price as the bronco BD +, you can get an Audi Q5 or an explorer etc.. Even the new full size SUV's that kIA and hynduai has are really nice. I'm def going to lease just to avoid spending extra$$ because I'm waiting for my tesla cyber truck that I reserved. Cybertruck might take...
  14. Ajusaf

    Does anyone have pics of the base model cloth interior?

    Remember base means bare minimum, so those images above are for the higher models. Below are the base model seats
  15. Ajusaf

    A Look at the Navy Pier interior in a Bronco Sport.

    I use to wear that colour. It's matches well
  16. Ajusaf

    Off Road and Insurance?

    If they find out it's a Sasquatch and manual, they will know you're bad news and you will get squatched 🤡with higher premiums