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  1. Daktari

    Broke my own rule of never buying first year model

    I'm not worried at all, if there is something to fix, there's warranty. While others wait for year two or 3 I'm out having fun. Production lines are so modern and streamlined by now and mostly things are done by robots, I expect to be just fine.
  2. Daktari

    Trail videos to help decide which 2021 Bronco trim and options you need/want

    great tips and videos/photos, thank you! Those trails are definitely on my must do list, never been to that gorgeous area of the US. I just watched a couple Black Bear Pass videos and was also wondering how that trail turn assist might make those switchbacks easy, but would definitely practice...
  3. Daktari

    Bay Area Broncos

    I became a Mustang fan a couple weeks ago (actually like them quite a bit, just never had one or want one), had to print some form and mail it because they had some hickup on their website, but it went pretty quick, got a welcome letter and some stickers a week or so ago. Nobody knows yet if...
  4. Daktari

    How will your Broncos get used?

    if we get Covid under control and the kids can go back to school it'll be their open air bus (well, boy is probably off to college by the time I get it...) and a 2.4 mile round trip to Safeway mostly. Not any off roading around the Bay Area as far as I know, but we'll take it to the mountains...
  5. Daktari

    Rear seats, how will you use them?

    kids will sit there, dog in the back unless the back is full with luggage. Then the kids have to squeeze together, but by the time I get it my boy will most likely be off to college. Still would prefer to have the dog in the back when ever possible, that's why I'm buying this kind of car, not a...
  6. Daktari

    Question regarding rear flip up glass.

    I have a camper shell on my Tacoma, when ever I have something longer that needs to hang out I close the tail gate, put a blanket on it, lay my stuff in, then wrap the blanket around to the top of what I transport and use a bungie cord to hold the glass down. Never had an issue in 17 years. The...
  7. Daktari

    Folded Bronco mirrors are narrower than fender flares (first pics)

    I thought mirrors have to fold just for pedestrian safety in case you drive too close to the curb? I'd think any modern car has that feature, eve if it's just to prevent costly repairs to the window frame if you hit something. Motorized would be nice for ease of use, but I can count the times I...
  8. Daktari

    How much are you spending?

    I'll most likely just pay for it, never financed a car, but also never bought one this expensive, so I'll have to do some calculations and see what makes more sense. I'll probably talk to a financial advisor to see what's the best for our situation. But unless it's a house, I prefer to pay once...
  9. Daktari

    More Q&A from Bronco Super Celebration West (by multiple sources)

    looks like that just saved me a couple hundred bucks, I'm not getting the hitch and cables for 600, I'll head over to uhaul or some other such place for a hitch and wiring. Thanks!
  10. Daktari

    Driving at speed with 35" tires.

    33 to 35 is not that much of a difference, and the MT tires aren't mud tires, it's badly named 'multi terrain' as far as I understand it. Might be a bit more noise, but handling should be just about the same. I don't understand why they call them MT, because everybody will think they are for...
  11. Daktari

    Bronco Super Celebration - Saturday Q&A

    thanks for doing all this, so much great info and photos already! I'd like to know the inner dimensions (especially depth) of the 4 door cargo area and ideally how long the cargo area will be with the rear seats folded down.
  12. Daktari

    Anyone else feel like Ford is doing this all wrong?

    I'm having fun with the info and photos/videos popping up over the weeks. I already know what I want, I have somewhat an idea of what it'll cost (a lot) and as long as B&P is up a week or so before I can order I'm fine. Currently I'm more worried that all of the nice places I want to visit...
  13. Daktari

    Dumbest reason you’re choosing a Bronco, particular trim, or option??

    because I want it. I have zero need for it, I just haven't bought a new car in 17 years and this one excites me. Badlands 2.7 auto sasquatch Lux is what I want and am lucky enough to be able to get. Does it make any sense to spend that much on a car? No, and I can't really see any other car...
  14. Daktari

    Significant other ... Getting warn out.

    "get what ever you want" pretty quickly shut down my blabering about engines and tires and all the other stuff she doesn't care about. So I'm just gonna get what ever I want, she has her own car anyways. Probably won't like no roof on the freeway, so she'll be driving when we visit her parents...
  15. Daktari

    Modular Bumper Tow Hooks

    I like the look of the ones on the orange one, but won't they rattle around all day long while driving? Maybe you can't hear it, but seems like they'd be bouncing up and down with every bump. I won't have a 'bull bar' or what ever that handle is called on my rig, not my thing. I like the orange...
  16. Daktari

    What accessories do you plan on getting?

    accessory holder on the dash, tail gate table, pull out tray, tow package if it's more than just hitch and cables, which I'd just get from Uhaul or install myself. Nothing on the roof, extra lights I'll get if/when I think I need them, which is probably never, I don't plan to wheel at night...
  17. Daktari

    What (if anything) do we know about the "Dual Tops" option?

    all I know is that the survey price is way out of line, maybe it's the fancy painted hard top? Not something I'd want, I'd prefer the MIC hard top and the soft top. But we don't even know how the soft top works for now. Also, if you order with just the soft top, will the wiring and plumbing for...
  18. Daktari

    4-Door Too Small?

    I'm a little concerned there too, coming from a Tacoma. It seems that the back with folded down seats is not even really long enough for me to sleep for more than a night or two (I'm 6'3''), which is a bit disappointing, but we don't really know yet. I won't put anything on the roof, ever, I...
  19. Daktari

    B&O Sound System with 10 speakers including a subwoofer (Is it worth it? How about stand-a-lone purchase $$

    from what we know currently, Lux is $5k, some trims have already mid or what ever as 'standard', so it's cheaper there (but you still pay the 5k or so with the base price of that model of course). I hope they bring the price for the Lux down a bit, I want the good stereo and just hope it's...
  20. Daktari

    Optional Screen Size

    I doubt they'll put the bigger screen as an option a la carte. I'm getting it though, I hate the big screens in Tesla or Audi or what ever cars that look like an ipad on a mounting arm, with the Bronco it just fits in so nicely into the dash, it just belongs there IMO. The 'free standing'...