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  1. BeerForMyHorses

    2-Door Conversion on 4-Door Body

    Would've been nice to have the actual 2 door as a third picture, for reference
  2. BeerForMyHorses

    BRONCO: Can it be a sound investment?

    By definition, purchasing a mass-produced vehicle brand new is a terrible investment. It depreciates instantly and forever. Based on your post description, I believe 'opportunity cost' is the term you're looking for.
  3. BeerForMyHorses

    What do all of us future Bronco owners do for a living?

    Nope, but A-10s are badass though. F-15E Strike Eagle
  4. BeerForMyHorses

    Manual Sasquatch or Auto Sasquatch?

    Some would still prefer the 4th option of not squatching at all A small minority might like a 5th option of squatching aftermarket still 🤷🏼‍♂️ And who knows, maybe a 6th option of "I have no effing idea what to do now, Ford just made this even tougher to decide 😅"
  5. BeerForMyHorses

    Bronco Build & Price date

    @TJ1007 i think you can announce that 35.3% of us were correct? Straight from the horses mouth: Edit: at least until the next time it gets pushed back
  6. BeerForMyHorses

    Confirmed: Manual + Sasquatch Bronco, October Build & Price!

    I thought the complaining here was kind of bad, but then I joined the Facebook group. That group is straight up TOXIC. At least here, the 'complaining' is about bronco specs, timeline, etc. Over there, there's still that, but most of the mods are Ford dealers, and they were calling other...
  7. BeerForMyHorses

    Ford's Marketing...

    I... mostly agree with you. Three thoughts crossed my mind, in no particular order/relevance: 1. Like it or not, Ford is not selling to the average bronco6g member, they're selling to the average consumer. I'd say our standards are pretty high for release of information, specs, pricing, etc...
  8. BeerForMyHorses

    Price Difference Comparison: 2021 Bronco Pricing For All Trims (2-Door vs 4-Door)

    If survey pricing is accurate ($5k for sasquatch) then going aftermarket for just lift and wheels alone will cost almost that much, and you're giving up a factory warranty as well as the additional off-road goodies that comes with Sasquatch
  9. BeerForMyHorses

    Price Difference Comparison: 2021 Bronco Pricing For All Trims (2-Door vs 4-Door)

    If the Sasquatch is paired with the manual, I'm gonna save around $10k by going basesquatch instead of Badlands, and I am more than okay with that.
  10. BeerForMyHorses

    You know you're a Bronco fan if...

    Definitely #8! 11. Your family and friends know NOT to bring up the bronco around you anymore for fear of never hearing the end of it. They even warn people ahead of time not to.
  11. BeerForMyHorses

    What Area 51 should have been

    I think that's what cactus gray is intended to be closer to. They were originally calling it fighter jet gray
  12. BeerForMyHorses

    What Area 51 should have been

    Given the lack of green options, I was hoping area 51 would be more green!
  13. BeerForMyHorses

    What do we affectionately call the Outer Banks model with Sasquatch Package?

    Without reading your ideas my first thought was beachsquatch!
  14. BeerForMyHorses

    Ordering date is 12/7. Sasquatch package price estimated to be $3000 to $3500

    Meh, sounds like a talking-out-of-his-butt kinda guy. OP posted this on July 15... How would his dealer have any idea back then?
  15. BeerForMyHorses

    Sasquatch package with 2.3L + manual transmission Bronco - testing underway!

    "hey Mike, can you confirm when and how 'X' is happening?" "Our rockstar team is working on it" -Mike Levine, probably
  16. BeerForMyHorses

    I"m out...nawt

    The latest flavor of the week: 12. Manual transmission is *potentially* made in China... What?!? Solution: wait a model year to see if the MT holds up?
  17. BeerForMyHorses

    Hello from NC!

    Job 1 supposedly starts in March (so first delivery in April?). some places say June for deliveries If you haven't put a reservation down yet, you would more than likely not receive your bronco until late 2021/2022, as confirmed on Ford's website, due to the already large number of reservations.