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  1. What song will you be playing in first drive of your Bronco?

    Well, it was going to be some of that Pirate Metal from Alestorm that I discovered in this forum, but now it's going to be this:
  2. Who are the serious sUAS (Drone) Pilots? Show off your work...

    I'm not a pilot, but I'm leading the mechanical engineering team that designed this:
  3. Color Locking Based on Trim

    I agree. All of these comments about the cost of the actual paint completely disregards the logistics of managing inventory a single additional sku in large production operations creates. The cost of a single part may be pennies difference but each additional option can cost millions of...
  4. For those of you with a classic Bronco

    The NB will be the daily driver. The EB will be the Sunday driver with top down and for going to the drive in movies with the kids. Nothing like rolling into the movie and folding down the windshield to watch.
  5. Color Locking Based on Trim

    There is a whole science to the colors and how they are selected. I did a lot of research on this when I owned a business and had to learn about marketing. It all comes down to getting you to spend more money.
  6. Giveaway Round 2: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    Stock Base in Antimatter Blue, steelies, and mic gray hardtop.
  7. Report: Manual Sasquatch Bronco is Happening (? or ! ... now revised to !)

    Anonymous sources are all the rage these days.
  8. Still No California Dealers Jumping in at Under Invoice Pricing ? ? ? ?

    Except that most Ford dealerships have been here for eons and the land and buildings are most likely paid off by now. The only real thing CA has going for it is the Prop 13 limitation on property tax increases. These established dealers are most likely paying extremely low property tax and...
  9. Northern California dealership discussion

    Well knock them off the potential list. I have in writing from Future Ford Roseville that there will be no dealer markups above MSRP on reserved Broncos. Still waiting for a better deal to come along though.
  10. First 2021 Bronco Badlands 2-Door Trail Rig pics & videos from Bronco Super Celebration West!

    I drive the 50 and 80 in the worst of storms to get to Sugarbowl, Squaw, and Sierra 20+ days a season. They never require chains AND 4wd (it's one or the other, not both). They close the road before requiring that. If you have 4wd you don't need chains.
  11. Granger type pricing in Oregon?

    Why doesn't this dealer reach out themselves? There are other dealers on here posting offers on this forum?
  12. What if ManSquatch came with 33's instead of 35's?

    Thinking maybe they aren't offering the Sasquatch due to the transmission torque rating and the tire size. Not that it couldn't be addressed with gearing but might be one of the reasons. So, would you go for Sasquatch lite with 33's like what they have on the Badlands? I think I would go this...
  13. Financing the 2021 Bronco

    How will they treat you when you pull out your calculator to run the numbers yourself on the spot? Is that a bad move?
  14. Bronco vs. Wrangler: Who cares?

    Well, I did purchase it 11 years ago, but I have been wanting a new one since the concept bronco came out in 2004.
  15. Ideal Bronco Ordering situation

    I would do the same as you, but upgrade the front differential and add the roof rack, keypad entry, and leather seats.
  16. Best guess..Ford will offer a white roof made by this Webasto

    White tops and fender flairs are factory options on the website.
  17. Sac Bronco Club

    The secret was let out of the bag years ago.
  18. Sac Bronco Club

    @calgecko Near Red Lake off Highway 88. It used to be somewhat of a secret but you can find it online now and they have been having Patchfest for a number of years now.
  19. Just signed up for Mustang Club of America for X-Plan pin

    Not too mention the X plan also saves 6-9% on the optional upgrades like roof rack, modular bumper, headliner, auto trans, 2.7 engine, Sasquatch, etc. Still a good deal for Base model.