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  1. BroncOcotillo

    Today should be the day the interior packages are shown.

    That’s what’s keeping me in the game. I believe/hope the Ford engineers are capable. The Bronco design is good IMO. Difficult to hang in with the continued excessive bumbling though.
  2. BroncOcotillo

    Painted Physical Color Samples Experiment: Antimatter Blue vs. Area 51 vs. Area 51 vs Cactus Gray (Now Clear Coated)

    CG looks good in this picture. Comes through as expected on screen. Slight tinge of green in the gray. 👍
  3. BroncOcotillo

    Official Grill (Cooking Outside) Thread!

    Thanks for the link. Excited to try it next time.
  4. BroncOcotillo

    Official Grill (Cooking Outside) Thread!

    Thanks! I use indirect cooking on Kamado style grill and pull it off when internal temperature is at 160*. Then I let it rest for 10min+ under foil before slicing. My favorite thing to grill.
  5. BroncOcotillo

    Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    Don’t forget the ”Mut/Ruts” mode.🤪
  6. BroncOcotillo

    Greetings from Baja Designs!

    Greetings from close by. 👍
  7. BroncOcotillo

    Rear seats, how will you use them?

    I’ll have the back seats folded down most of the time. Probably take them out if a good rear seat delete kit comes out.
  8. BroncOcotillo

    surfboard in a 2 door

    I saw someone driving on the freeway like this 2 days ago with a longer board sticking out of the moonroof. You could see it flexing in the wind. Just a matter of time before it snapped. I got 3 lanes away from them immediately. 🤣 I also see boards unsafely secured and hanging over shortbed...
  9. BroncOcotillo

    surfboard in a 2 door

    I think If you fold the rear seats down and lay on side sticking nose between the front seats that it will fit and can be locked inside. I do this with my 6’4”-6’7” short boards inside of my Acura RSX. Should definitely work inside a 2door Bronco with just a 6 footer.
  10. BroncOcotillo

    Article: Bronco Warthog confirmed for 2021 with Fall reveal and December ordering?

    Maybe this? Ford is open to selling Bronco R Baja racer to customers who knows?
  11. BroncOcotillo

    Anyone else hoping that there will be a reveal of a fully electric Bronco? Or pretty much happy with the gas?

    Happy with gas engine for now. EVs are still an emerging technology and will only improve over the next 5-10 years(mileage range, etc.). The batteries currently last maybe 10 years if you properly maintain them (much shorter lifespan if you don’t) and are very expensive to replace. You also need...
  12. BroncOcotillo

    Getrag Transmission: German or Chinese?

    I agree that configuration would be best for off-roading/rock-crawling. The 2.7 automatic might be better for desert running.
  13. BroncOcotillo

    Getrag Transmission: German or Chinese?

    Available information online indicates the MT88 transmission is “likely” to be manufactured/assembled in China. It has not been officially confirmed. From the other Getrag transmission thread: (From Car and...
  14. BroncOcotillo

    Getrag Transmission: English or British?

    Well, I’d have preferred they gave the job to American workers.
  15. BroncOcotillo

    Getrag Transmission: English or British?

    Yes. Just listing some of the current public information that’s out there. There is nothing printed about the MT88 being British made that I saw.
  16. BroncOcotillo

    Getrag Transmission: German or Chinese?

    Has nothing to do with dislike or prejudice against the Chinese people(xenophobia). Maybe a bit to do with distaste for the Chinese government. Personally, it has to do with previous poor quality control of Chinese transmission manufacturing and jobs that could have been done in the USA.
  17. BroncOcotillo

    Getrag Transmission: English or British?

    From Car and Driver: “The Bronco's seven-speed manual is a Getrag unit, part of the company's new family of six- and seven-speed longitudinal manuals that it calls MTI550.” “Ford calls this new seven-speed transmission MT88.” From Wall Street Journal: “Based in Untergruppenbach, Germany, Getrag...
  18. BroncOcotillo

    Getrag Transmission: German or Chinese?

    Hey. It was just a response to the “Getrag transmission” thread. I’m getting a Bronco and have no “requirements,” other than certain features I prefer, but I likely won’t be getting a manual transmission assembled in China.
  19. BroncOcotillo

    Poll: hard top color preference demographics

    I prefer a white top mainly for more heat reflection when the SoCal sun beats down on it. The black top will absorb heat and contribute to turning the interior into an oven. Just last week:
  20. BroncOcotillo

    Testing Testing. Ford Bronco Warthog Teased in Prototype Testing Image

    More cryptic Twitter crap from Ford’s “product communications manager.” Not helpful at all. Is this something that’s going to be available for 2021? Focus on getting the 2021 Broncos out and give us some actual information. Nice picture but it’s useless without knowing anything else about it.