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  1. Lab00Rat

    Will they make a flush light bar for over the windshield????

    Some places it dark more than it's light certain times of the year.
  2. Lab00Rat

    What is your "ala carte" options wishlist?

    I'm hoping the selection list is longer than we know at this moment. I'd like some of the Lux options without having to buy the package.
  3. Lab00Rat

    Is the Sasquatch worth the money?

    Man, B&P is going to need it's own page with everyone posting their different build options and starting a new thread asking opinions. The options just keep getting better. I know competition was good for all of us, but I had no idea we'd be inner-competing the Bronco before B&P...
  4. Lab00Rat

    Antimatter Blue - 3D demo of color shifting / flip flopping on Bronco body

    Seems his 'render' of the antimatter blue explained a lot about the coating...
  5. Lab00Rat

    Antimatter Blue - 3D demo of color shifting / flip flopping on Bronco body

    Can you render Cactus Gray and solve the color shift conundrum please?
  6. Lab00Rat

    Does the 2.7L Ecoboost require premium gas?

    Photos elsewhere on B6G show capless fuel fill.
  7. Lab00Rat

    Bronco Build & Price date

    In the 'Fall' sometime.
  8. Lab00Rat

    BRONCO: Can it be a sound investment?

    Face it, nobody will open an old garage in 60 year and get excited to see a Hyundai. But they will if it's a 2021 FE Bronco...
  9. Lab00Rat

    (Yet Another) Petition: First Edition to Receive Options

    And push production back another 6 months? Nah...
  10. Lab00Rat

    Engine cool down prior to shut down?

    The deep south will have difficulties cooling down in the summer regardless. Can't see this being an issue for the truck, it's always hot!
  11. Lab00Rat

    37s or bust. Who’s in?

    Bust. No Bro-Dozer for me.
  12. Lab00Rat

    GOAT and Manual

    Trail Turn Assist is an Auto transmission only feature. Although, they might change their minds later, like they did with the Mansquatch.
  13. Lab00Rat

    GOAT and Manual

    GOAT controls a lot of different systems, Including shift points. On a manual, I suspect the shift points are not part of the mode. I'm sure Ford could put a tack in the seat that pokes you to change gears at the appropriate times.
  14. Lab00Rat

    Bronco Build & Price date

    October Surprise?
  15. Lab00Rat

    Manual Sasquatch or Auto Sasquatch?

    I'm more curious about Mike's use of the 'Mansquatch' term. Is it not Bronco6G that uses that term throughout? Implying that Ford does read this forum, no? Oh, and I'm not getting the Sasquatch package. Just doesn't seem 'right' on the 2-door BL trim.
  16. Lab00Rat

    Sasquatch badge?

    Sticker at best. Seems to be the thing these days from Ford.
  17. Lab00Rat

    Black Diamond with sasquatch, or Badlands with 33” tire package

    No, it's more off road capable without the sasquatch (articulation)(arguable, I know). I like the 33" for 2 reasons, the look overall, and the vehicle height. Cost is not the issue for me. I'm not planning on climbing walls, nor am I planning on doing crazy stuff with my $50k truck. Also, I'm...
  18. Lab00Rat

    First Edition - Why no unique color and LESS color choices

    Less room for mistakes with less choices. Gives Ford some Job#1 productivity while still spinning up the full production line.
  19. Lab00Rat

    Marine Grade Vinyl Thread

    I plan on much pineapple in my BL, but hearing about the 2.7 makes me wonder. I feel bad for the other trims that are not pineapple proof at any cost. Well, maybe not. :devilish: Wait, are you saying that the 2.7 is too much for a pineapple pizza to stay put on a marine-grade vinyl seat vs...