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  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of some low-profile ditch lights?

    https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/s1-black-led-auxiliary-light-pod-pair/?sku=387815 All day.... I like Amber, but could do work scene whites...

    Careful, you'll get deleted. I posted about when the Bronco Tax will be going down and it was waxed from existence...
  3. Ugly MIC transport damage photos

    plastic coated cardboard... this is damn near criminal. Ford should be ashamed.
  4. Do I need D load rated tires? Or will C do the trick?

    The thought of an E load on a Bronco makes me shiver.... My D rated Ridge Grapplers are too stiff. Wish they had these same 37's in a C. May try to fit the 38's (C load) next go 'round since I like the tire, jut not as comfy as the GY SAS tires.
  5. SOLVED: Trouble with Rockworkx Hardtop Thumb Screws…?!

    Mine clear there, but top bar ones back out all the time... have to be continually retightened, but I may just add some blue loctite
  6. Best above windshield light bar?

    Same. No annoying hood glare. Happy with my BD’s, but other premium brands are surely great too probably can’t go wrong.
  7. Bronco on 38's -- 38x12.5r17s Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    I'm at -8... I'll go fenders before a BL though. It will be tight for sure.
  8. Bronco on 38's -- 38x12.5r17s Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    I'm really considering this... going from Ridge Grapplers 37's to 38's just to get load range C's on the truck. I don't have body lift so I may need to add the high clearance liners...
  9. Problems with K02s?

    a new piece of machinery with 20,000 separate parts isn’t comparable to something as simple as a tire.
  10. Problems with K02s?

    If a rim is off balance in the same area a tire is and they align it could cause an exacerbated balancing issue. I've never balanced a tire before so really just thinking of contributing factors.
  11. Problems with K02s?

    don't discount rim balance affecting tire balancing. Many rims are cast which are not consistent in nature.
  12. Problems with K02s?

    I don't ride them, but the shop saying they had consistent balancing issues makes me say "hmmm." Not sure a company as big as BFG and all their quality control along with the established mfg process would allow these out the door. May be user error on the shop's part.
  13. Competition: 2025 4RUNNER news, specs, timing, preview CGIs -- via insider info

    pffft. It will be every bit as capable as our broncos with a little TLC, the same TLC our Bronco's need.
  14. 2024 Tacoma - Specs, Release, Photos ⚠️ Now With Hybrid 🔋

    I LOVE what they are doing here. This blows away the Ranger....
  15. Competition: 2024 Jeep Wrangler Gets Facelift & Upgrades

    This is great news for all of us. Bronco better have some cool stuff coming. That said, I feel their bumper just looks weird.
  16. 6 Generations of Bronco Evolution: Styling, Performance, Size, Price

    Has nothing to do with the EPA actions, you are overlooking that people are coveting those neutered V8's....
  17. Morimoto XRGB Headlights | IN STOCK

    anyone know the setting to best match Baja Designs amber color?