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  1. Waterproofing/sealing lights

    GE Clear Silicone Calking
  2. Trim Piece Needed?

    Haha,…Cactus Gray, just came out that way. When I posted the photo I thought WTF!
  3. Trim Piece Needed?

    WhooooHooo….NO PROBLEMO!!! Way clear.
  4. Trim Piece Needed?

    Oh, shit. I just closed it and walked away…. Didn’t seem like there was any interference….🤪
  5. Oil level after sitting

    Thank you!!! I went to all the trouble to buy the proper dip stick way back, when all this controversy started. As a 73 year old, I really didn’t see all the controversy. 5, 6, 7 quarts and there is enough oil in there to keep the pump suction submerged. I found it amusing that owners wanted...
  6. Trim Piece Needed?

    For more than a year and a half, I have assumed I did not order the proper option to cover this gigantic hole/mount in the cargo area trim. Then I discovered….duh…. It was to attach the soft top (?). Wouldn’t you think Ford would have provided a snap in plastic piece to cover this area...
  7. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    The oil filter on the 2.7L is the easiest to access of any car I have ever owned. No doubt a design flaw….
  8. How to stop Infotainment roulette each time I start Bronco?

    Mine works flawlessly…. Maybe it’s your phone/software rev.? Once CarPlay boots, the right side of the main display is GENERALLY on Ford Navigation. One button to the ”radio” screen.
  9. Best oil brand to use for the 2.7 liter?

    Also, I want to add that you should consider only motor oil that is API (American Petroleum Institute) certified. I never gave this a second thought until I worked for a company that sold API certified products. An API certification is about Quality Control. An API audit of your QC lab for a...
  10. Heavy Duty Cabin Air Filter?

    Yes, thanks! But how are the squirrels getting in to the fresh air duct??
  11. Fuel Pump Relay location?

    To get to the fuse box under the hood, entry to the car would be required. Someone this aggressive would be just as likely to drag the Bronco on to a trailer and haul it off. Probably easier also. Currently, our penalties for breaking the law are very lenient….(a serious joke). More...
  12. Windshield Repair “Kits”

    I got OEM Glass for $672 at an independent glass “house” who was the glass vendor that did the 2023 windshield recall for my local dealer. Since the recall glass work was perfect, I just asked the dealer who did the work!
  13. Heavy Duty Cabin Air Filter?

    OK, so how did they (the squirrels) get in? Seems like the fresh air inlet is at the center of the cowling Behind the hood. Huh?
  14. Heavy Duty Cabin Air Filter?

    This is the cabin air filter out of my Daughters Outer Banks. Doing its job…. Wouldn’t want to be breathing all those acorns. Looks like a squirrel has been sitting on top of it cracking and eating acorns, and also a small section of the filter! Is there not some barrier or grill in the...
  15. Oil Pressure Gauge Install

    In my OPINION, copper tubing should NEVER be used on a vehicle. Normal vibrations of a vehicle can “work harden” copper and make it susceptible to cracking.
  16. 2.3 Bronco Engine fire 😭

    Unfortunately, I think you are correct…. Took me a LONG time to find an auto repair shop that I could trust when I did not have time to do it myself. I have been lucky to have found 2. I feel sorry for people who know nothing about mechanical and electrical systems, including my daughters and...
  17. Oil Pressure Gauge Install

    Great installation! Long ago (as a jeeper) I realized that looking at the oil pressure gauge was nearly last on the list when climbing a steep incline that required some serious power and steering attentiveness. Unfortunately, that is when attention to the oil pressure is probably most...
  18. 2.3 Bronco Engine fire 😭

    Flip - I really appreciate your posts and points of view, along with you other Ford Service guys. I thank you all for your inputs, suggestions, and advice.. Took my ’22 the Bronco in to the dealer who I bought it from, for the wiper EPROM reprogramming recall and warranty service as the wiper...
  19. My Ford Performance Parts Order

    Needed to change my rear differential fluid. With points, I was able to get the FPP differential cover (with a drain!) for $46. Placed the order and waited eagerly. The Motorcraft synthetic gear oil is on the shelf waiting. The box finally arrived and I opened it eagerly. Inside I found a...
  20. Is the Bronco wave a thing?

    The Bronco Off Roadeo near Austin had a fleet of the Bronco Sports (along with Real Broncos). The instructor indicated that they were quite capable Off-Road. I do not believe that’s what people are buying them for however.