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  1. First production aftermarket hard top (RallyTops) delivered and installed - review

    I have taken delivery of what is one of the first (if not the first) production aftermarket hard top. This is a two piece hard top from RallyTops - costs about $4,000 The hard top came delivered in some very poorly constructed wooden crate contraption that took an hour to disassemble and break...
  2. Ford failing to provide needed data to aftermarket roof makers

    After falling victim to Webasto's short comings and failing to produce even close to enough hard tops, ford is now failing to provide the aftermarket with the data necessary to help quell these problems. Below is taken directly from a conversation with Patriot Fastbacks today 6/8/22 "We are...
  3. In-Use Vehicle Testing Letters

    Received a letter jointly from Ford/Roush today requesting that I voluntarily give them my vehicle for emissions testing conducted at the Allen Park Roush facility. Standard stuff, but I have never been asked to participate before. They want to give $200 - a loaner vehicle and return the...
  4. Likely hood of the dealership fixing this?

    Driving back from the M1 concourse cars and coffee today. Lady turns into my lane and gets real close to hitting me. So I honk the horn - more than a light tap but definitely not at all hard. the center of the steering wheel cracked in on itself…. I feel like this shouldn’t happen at 6,000 miles…
  5. Climbing one of the steeper rock faces I could find (holly oaks)

    Might not seem like much, but this felt insane from inside the cabin. Watched a wrangler fail right before this - though to be fair he had a manual.
  6. Off-Road Trails Near Nashville? (Det to Nashville)

    Figured with such a robust community that perhaps someone would have some info. Headed from Detroit down to Nashville in April. Any neat off road trails along the way? Or perhaps in the general vicinity of the destination (being Nashville) ?
  7. Advanced Fiberglass Hardtop.. noise?

    Have we got any data on if this thing is going to be quiet as OEM or quieter? Can’t imagine ordering without this data
  8. Patriot Fastbacks hardtop expected to be 60% quieter than stock

    Patriot fastbacks today says that they expect their hardtop (the big odd looking one I assume) to be 60% quieter than the ford stock hardtop. As a soft top owner this piques my interest.
  9. Glove Box Removal?

    I've successfully mounted by roof lights, drilled the hole into the pre-wired area... attached all that...etc Does anyone know how to remove the glove box to gain access to the aux wires that are behind it? I know you can press in on the clips to allow it to drop about 4 more inches... but...
  10. Finally got some old school safari style roof lights mounted

    Not sure I love the position the mount puts them at, but there are not currently many on the market so I’ll take what I can get. Anything to avoid the dreaded led light bars. KCHilites; about $450 Universale bronco light bar mounts from ZroadZ; $125
  11. 4 Auto / Slippery Mode... not great?

    As we know, the idea behind 4 auto is that as soon as the Bronco detects slip, 4x4 kicks in and helps mitigate the issue. If you have 4A its turned on when you set your GOAT mode to slippery. In my head, slippery mode should be the best mode for snow. Could you use 4hi? Sure! but if your city...
  12. 2.3L 4cyl engine squeak at idle?

    Listed in general; move to where you see fit noticed this a few times thus far when the bronco is warming up in the driveway. A faint engine squeak, the kind of thing that sounds serpentine belt related and you’d expect to hear much louder on a much older vehicle. see video below. I put the...
  13. Soft top owners - how are you washing your bronco?

    Winter has finally hit Michigan and the salt trucks are out in full effect working as hard as they can to ruin our vehicles. Ive never owned a soft top vehicle before… how are y’all keeping yours clean? My last new vehicle got weekly touchless car washes to keep the salt away… but I’ve heard...
  14. The soft top rain fall window drip is honestly pretty bad (video)

    If it’s raining, and you roll your window down (while stationary) the water instantly comes in and splashes all over the door. Largest amount ive dealt with in any vehicle
  15. Remote start: heated seats

    I’m 100% embarrassed that I have to ask, but I checked the owners manual and tried both settings but can’t seem to figure it out. is there a way to adjust remote start so that your heated seats Are turned on and actually hot when you enter the car? Thus far I’ve only managed to get them to turn...
  16. Is anyone selling universal brackets for roof lights?

    There are plenty of roof light bars out on the market that I would love to purchase, but they are not made specifically for the bronco (yet) and thus are not sold with the mounting hardware that I would need. is anyone selling just the brackets to mount roof lights? Picture of rough country's...
  17. Why are y'all not doing the Bronco Wave?

    Listen - I know its a "Jeep Thing" but its also a general enthusiast vehicle thing. There is a corvette wave, so why not a Bronco wave? Living in Metro Detroit I am beginning to see a good number of Bronco's out there and only 1 driver waved to me (thanks lady!). We've all been waiting 10+...
  18. Engine fluttering sound upon acceleration | 2.3L

    Golly I hope I am over-reacting and being paranoid, but in my experience with vehicles, I rarely am... Bronco hit 1800 miles recently and suddenly its making an odd fluttering sound when accelerating - seems to be correlated to the RPM's. It borderline sounds like a leaf is stuck in a fan...
  19. Getting the Bronco (soft top) detailed today... lets see how this goes

    Never have got a soft top vehicle detailed before - picked the most reputable place I could find... but I still have some anxiety. will report back