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  1. Installing the Perimeter Alarm Plus — DIY How-To Writeup

    Yes, it honks if you mess with the car, and if you are rougher the alarm goes off. It also sends an alert to the app. It basically wakes up the system. Before, my alarm never went off, now it does when I bump into the bronco or try the handle on a locked car. Inexpensive and easy install, no...
  2. Installing the Perimeter Alarm Plus — DIY How-To Writeup

    Is there any way to leave the alarm installed and still turn it off? I haven't looked in the menus yet. I did receive notification that alarm was triggered. I think there might be some delay. If you receive alert in app, can you disable alarm on app?
  3. Installing the Perimeter Alarm Plus — DIY How-To Writeup

    Did this today, you can probably do it without removing the 3 nuts, but I eventually ended up removing the nuts. the silver box is still hooked to something at the front vehical side, I couldn't make it out. but removing the nuts allows enough play to get it hooked up. Wrench for 3 nuts is...
  4. Is the bubbling/gurgling noise normal?

    I've never heard anything like you are describing
  5. Best Bang for your Buck on the 42,000 Points

    Extended warranty through granger
  6. Replacement Halogen Brake Lights?

    I thought alla on Amazon.com had red Just Google the light bulb code WT21W and your options come up https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/from-halogen-to-led-all-taillights-replacement-options.89978/post-2178121
  7. Installing the Perimeter Alarm Plus — DIY How-To Writeup

    I think I saw the part is $58 in this thread. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/glove-box-repair-handle-with-care.20787/post-1779334 Probably not worth doing, but I have seen a lot of ford glove boxes just drop until it hits the stops. Easily broken piece, light plastic
  8. Tailgate difficult to open after changing wheels

    My thought was that the tailgate is set to sag a certain amount from factory based on weight of stock tire. The sag lines up the latches. Different weight on tailgate throws that sag off so latches are lined up differently. But I see people adding weight to their tailgate without mentioning...
  9. Installing the Perimeter Alarm Plus — DIY How-To Writeup

    This showed me, thanks. I probably would have pulled that inside tang off that holds it to the glove box
  10. Installing the Perimeter Alarm Plus — DIY How-To Writeup

    Thanks, I'll try that. It's just the dampener that scares me. I can be hamfisted, it's better I ask https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/glove-box-repair-handle-with-care.20787/
  11. Jeeps and their Ducks.

    I thought this was the brony board.....Are you saying I'm on the wrong chat board again?
  12. 14K mi, Spare never rotated in; should I start now?

    My last tire rotation the guy told me they measure the tires before doing a tire rotation and will only do it if the tires are within a certain spec. I said fine, do it. If they would have only done a 4 tire rotation I still would have thrown the spare on the rear passenger to rotate it in...
  13. Washington 2-Door OEM Rock Sliders

  14. Washington 2-Door OEM Rock Sliders

    Your picture shows you have the brackets. The problem arose w with dismantlers selling rock rails and forgetting to include the brackets
  15. Aftermarket (Curt) Tow Hitch issue

    My bolt holes were straight across. I did not remove bumper. Install all loosly then tighten