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  1. Idaho Sold: Factory Modular Bumper with Bull bar and Red Shackles - 750

    Took this off of my FE when I added a winch. No dent on it, maybe a couple scratches, but nothing major. Has the holes for the front sensors. Took it off at 16,500 miles. Located in Star, ID. Will not ship.
  2. Idaho Sasquatch Suspension Coilovers - $500

    Took these off of my FE with 16,500 miles. Nothing wrong with them. Just put a stiffer suspension under mine. Located in Star, ID. Will not ship
  3. What winch with ARB Summit bumper?

    I ordered a Smittybilt X20 Gen3 a month ago. Called today and still no updated ETA. So looking for other options. The ARB website lists under compatibility 3 Warn winches and the one smittybilt winch. All 10K winches. I saw that Maine overland put a Come Up winch in theirs. For those of you that...
  4. Keep Factory fogs in Modular bumper? And which switch to wire it to?

    I am upgrading to the ARB Summit bumper this month on my FE and will be handing down my modular bumper to my daughter's Big Bend. She just has the basic bumper now but does have the factory fog lights. My question is do I try to mount the factory fogs in the modular bumper and keep them on the...
  5. Maxtrax on Sale Anywhere?

    Is it possible to not pay retail for Maxtrax? I’m ready to buy a set. I’ve seen them for $300 a set but didn’t know if someone knew of a website selling them cheaper or maybe with a 20% off code for the holidays. TIA
  6. What RTT for Gobi Rack?

    I am finally getting my Gobi rack in a few weeks and I have been going back and forth between the Roofnest Falcon Pro and the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 mini. Please help me figure this out. It is a lot of money to drop and want to make sure that I get the right set up.
  7. Overhead Storage?

    In my last jeep I had a sort of mesh bikini top that had some zip storage pockets. Kind of like the zipper pockets you see above your head in golf carts. I have been looking and have not seen anything for the Bronco. Am I missing it or is this something that is not available yet? Looking for...
  8. Vegas Off-Rodeo - Who's Going

    Just wanted to drop a line and see if anyone was going to the Nevada Off-Rodeo this week. I am flying in the 16th and participating in the Off-Rodeo on the 17th. Excited to see the trails they put together. Not excited about the 106 degree temps.