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  1. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Bummer I had Earl paint three of my VWs back in the day!
  2. Am I the only one that this has happened too?

    Happened to me. Just pickup some of the conductive epoxy mentioned by @colbert. Easily repaired.
  3. Window opened by itself while car was parked/unoccupied

    So this is dealer only update? Why in hell's bells doesn't Ford offer that as an over the air update?
  4. Can someone explain our HVAC system?

    I never use the recirculate mode. I have noticed that at times I will be driving along and the air just stops coming out of either the dash vents or the floor vents. When I press the vent selector it show that neither the dash or the floor vents are selected. If I touch one or the other the air...
  5. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    I need to change my F&R diff lube. I have two questions. First question, where did you find the Dana/Spicer lube recommendations? I did several searches but could not find anything. Second question is why does Ford receommend standard dino lube for the front diff and synthetic lube for the rear...
  6. Removing porthole / gunners hatch on 2 door modular hardtop.

    Yeah with a few adjustments and suppport bracing you can moun t a 50 cal on the roof! :ROFLMAO:
  7. Window not retracting on time when opening door

    I did this for the 5 second routine and it did nothing. I tried the ten second treatment as you suggested and it di nothing the the window still comes down later than the door opening causing the glass to drag on the weather stripping. The hold the door while puling the handle method is the only...
  8. Window not retracting on time when opening door

    I have not returned to the dealer to have this checked out yet but I do need to take it there and see what they think.
  9. Window not retracting on time when opening door

    I ahve the same issue but only on the front passenger door. If you lsighly pull th door handle the window lowers a bit and then does not get stuck in the weather stripping. If you pull the handle expecting the window to drop quickly the window gets stuck in the weather stripping and makes a...
  10. Hothead Headliner installed review & photos. WOW!

    Iasked Hot heads if they did a decibel compariosn their versus the factory liner and they stated that they had not done so.
  11. Hothead Headliner installed review & photos. WOW!

    I have asked this question to the company. I have the factory sound deadening headliner which does not live up to its name. When driving at highway speeds I fell like Aunt Bethany in Christmas Vacation " "You couldn't hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant." If the Hot Head...
  12. Hard Top Sound Deadening Headliner - A few important questions!

    Mark, Have you done any noise mesuarements for the Ford factory headliner/noise deadner versus you product? I think you have a very nice product but before I drop my hard earned coin I would like to see how much difference it would make adding you head liner versus the one I have now from Ford...
  13. Ammo Can for Compressor

    Why not pickup one of those canvas tool bags from Harbor freight? You can keep a mess of other stuff in one of those. Obviously you would have to take the compressor out while using it. I use these bags for lots of my tools and goodies...

    Just entered the drawing. I have a 4 Dr Bronco Badlands Hard Top.
  15. Secret compartments & features. Post yours!

    Where id you get that little dandy?
  16. Bug shield hood deflector.

    Thanks I was figuringdo it in the Am and drive it the next day. I have used 3M tape on presvious vehicles and never waited for any more than one day to drive after installing accessories.
  17. Bug shield hood deflector.

    I got one from Ford using points. I have had it for several months and have not installed it yet. Has everyone waited the 72 hours to let the tape cure? I should get mine installed.