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  1. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    You know that I drive around town and off-road too... Occasionally mall crawling. The reason why I get better mileage in sport mode is because I spend less time in boost and more time in the peak efficiency range of the motor (as it holds the gears longer). I am sure that for some people (who...
  2. A New Kind of Portal

    Shoot the hostage?
  3. A New Kind of Portal

    I disagree, Nate and Alan have never seemed Ornery... Even when I may have deserved some flak for over sharing knowledge.
  4. A New Kind of Portal

    Come on now... Cast steel and cast iron aren't the same thing... Steaks taste much better in seasoned cast iron. You know this.
  5. A New Kind of Portal

    A tapered roller bearing should have little difficulty with the thrust/lateral loading, but Han's tapered roller bearings aren't cheap, you feel me?
  6. A New Kind of Portal

    I knew exactly why you asked it... Which is why I ended up clarifying the question for him.
  7. A New Kind of Portal

    I can't pass it, but my computer can... Especially if I am allowed to use an AI language model.
  8. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    Doubt it all you want... I know math, for math is my ally, and a powerful ally it is. My mileage is better in sport mode (probably due to my driving style), getting 23.5 mpg at 70+ mph in the Texas hill country is all the proof I need.
  9. Front Drive Unit Swap (M190 to M210) - In Depth DIY Video

    I just need to move my lift indoors vs outdoors, in air conditioned comfort with a beer handy, this would not be too bad. I have been putting off my swap for a while now.
  10. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    You don't, just leave it in 4A.
  11. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    And yet you have no data to back that up. I get better mileage in sport mode. I also have over 90k miles on my 2021 Bronco Bronco to back up the fact that 4A and sport mode fine for daily driving.
  12. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    Exactly 4A won't make any significant difference in mpg
  13. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    I don't think that it matters, but here is my 2 door 2021 Bronco OBX Lux package. 7D0-02-03 A040 0000 00BC
  14. Bronco Raptor Black Appearance Package w/ Painted Hardtop Debuts Under Total Solar Eclipse

    Well, the extra mall crawling capability is well worth the $5k asking price... Because you know that most of them will never see dirt.
  15. Honest reviews and build quality?

    Maybe it was built with a different kind of PRIDE?
  16. Bronco Market Share down to 25%, while Jeep is 40% and 4Runner 35%

    An equivalent 3.5 liter V8 (like my F355 has) makes about 280 ft/lbs of peak torque. It is an absolute blast, but it's no torque monster. Where as my TT v6 3.5 Ecoboost in my F-150 makes more than 400 ft/lbs of torque. Same displacement, but very different nature, I love both of them for very...
  17. 2Dr OBX swapping wheels/tires to Badlands take-offs (17" w/ 33" KO2s) -> any impact on road ride/handling?

    This... The OBX street tires are the best of the bunch (stock rims/tires) for street use. They will be the quietest and will get the best mileage. I purchased a set of take-offs at $500 for all 5 just to run miles on them. I also have 33.5's for off-roading and a set of Black Diamond...
  18. Bronco Market Share down to 25%, while Jeep is 40% and 4Runner 35%

    How much torque do you need? Not much with the correct gearing... Wranglers have been wheeling forever with gutless engines. The Bronco needs maybe 200 ft/lbs of torque to go anywhere (easily in the realm of ANY 3.5 liter V-8 or 6 for that matter). Is more torque generally better, why yes...
  19. Bronco Market Share down to 25%, while Jeep is 40% and 4Runner 35%

    The Bronco is not all that tough to lift, as long as you don't go full BroncBuster on it. With a 2" body lift and a set of Eibach Pro Truck 2.0 struts, I am pretty sure that 37s are not a problem. If you want to run 40s that's another story. You don't have to dump $5k into the steering...