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  1. Texas Full Rear Seat and Cargo Protector $60

    I do not have a vehicle. Unfortunately I cannot. I am stuck to Uber and Lyft for the time being.
  2. Texas Full Rear Seat and Cargo Protector $60

    Tried getting an estimate from USPS. Because of the odd box shape, it ends up being a silly cost. More than the item itself cost.
  3. Texas Fox 2.5 Performance Elite Front and Rear NEW $3,200

    I would not have an issue with this, one bit, but unforuntatly I do not have a vehicle at the moment. 😢. I might not have one for some time. I wish someone was selling them on the forum when I was in the market for them. Would have saved over $1000.
  4. Unbelievable....the Wiper Update is ONLY if you're having problems!!

    Hey. I gave ford credit where its due. Not having the bronco has honestly put my mind at rest. I remember every morning starting the bronco and praying that i wouldnt hear the infamous cam phasers of death. Or what the noise rattling in the passenger door is. Or why the roof panel drips water...
  5. Texas Full Rear Seat and Cargo Protector $60

    what zip? Send a DM. I'll get an estimate. Shouldn't be much since it's not heavy.
  6. Texas Fox 2.5 Performance Elite Front and Rear NEW $3,200

    Due to the weight and size. Shipping is rather expensive. Each box is just over 60lbs. Making each box just around $170. In total, both boxes would be just over $300. I checked both USPS and UPS. These are the dimensions if you want to give it a shot. Box 1: 31 x 19 x 9 @ 66lb Box 2: 34 x 19...
  7. Texas Fox 2.5 Performance Elite Front and Rear NEW $3,200

    Ill get a shipping quote. What zip?
  8. Texas OEM Rock Sliders 4dr $150

    Purchased these to swap onto my bronco but ended up selling the bronco before I could. $150, all parts included. No damage. Can provide additional pictures if needed. Located in downtown Austin TX.
  9. Texas Dr Colorchip Velocity Blue Kit $25

    Dr.Colorchip Basic Auto Touch Up Paint Kit NEW NOT USED - $25 -Color: Velocity Blue -https://drcolorchip.com/product/basic-kit-touch-up-paint-chip-repair/ -Never used. Paint is still sealed -Doesnt go bad. I purchased this as a precaution but then sold the bronco. Location in downtown Austin...
  10. Texas Sold: OBDLink FORSCAN OBD Adapter $35

    OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter - $35 No issues at all. Works without any issues. CAN SHIP. PROVIDE ZIP. Sells for $59 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081VQVD3F?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_VZVT2J0AQDRQ83CQGA1G
  11. Texas Sold: Center Consol Organizer $20

    Center Console Organizer - $20 -includes upper tray and lower tray -fits all bronco models/trims (2dr/4dr) CAN SHIP. PROVIDE ZIP.
  12. Texas OEM 5 Dr Roof Panel Storage $50

    $50 Original OEM. Never used. Still in original packaging. This bag is used for the hard top, to hold the two front panels that are above the driver and passenger. CAN SHIP. PROVIDE ZIP.
  13. Texas Full Rear Seat and Cargo Protector $60

    For both I am asking $60. You would spend over $100 if purchased directly from Mabett/Amazon. No damage or rips. Velcro is still extremely strong. Located in downtown Austin, TX Mabett Rear Seat Cover...
  14. Cheap interior, build quality for $70k

    I don't understand how this is supposed to justify trim falling off? So what you're saying is. This is this is expected on a FORD LOL.
  15. Texas Fox 2.5 Performance Elite Front and Rear NEW $3,200

    Yes they are. DM if still interested
  16. Unbelievable....the Wiper Update is ONLY if you're having problems!!

    Andddddd this is part of why im selling my bronco. After being with lexus for years. And then trying a ford for the first time. I understand what people mean when they say “built from a parts bin”. Its so unfortunate. Great vehicle too. Just horrible leadership and build quality. Im going to...
  17. RCI gas tank skid installed!

    If anyone is looking for a set of rci steel skids i will be selling mine in the next week. Have all of the skids and rock sliders (20 degrees). Only skid i dont have is the gas tank skid. Located in austin tx.
  18. Window not going up

    I love it too. Unfortunately its built like Chinese plastic.