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  1. Anyone painted their big bend grill flat black?

    Looking for pics!
  2. Raket Soft Top Roof Rack Review

    We preordered the day it became available last year and received it in March. During that time they made many improvements and the finished product came out so much better than my wife and I could’ve expected. The Cons: - Con-ish…It came with a gnarly squeak/rattle coming from the front...
  3. How are you guys getting your BIG dogs into your rooftop tents?

    Struggling to figure out away to get my 90lb bahemoth up the ladder! I’m not really able to carry her. Any ideas?
  4. Anyone put Falken Wildpeak AT3's on stock non-sas big bend?

    Wondering what size you put on as it doesn't appear they come in 255 75 17's?
  5. Question: Black Rhino Abrams wheels on a non-sas stock big bend?

    I’m have very little knowledge when it comes to this stuff so excuse my ignorance. I’m trying to learn. I’m wanting to put a set of Abrams on my non-sas beg bend. From what I can tell, it’s a wider rim than the stock rim and I’m fine with possibly having to buy new tires. On tire rack website it...
  6. Maine New Englanders: Anyone selling a set of Wildtrak wheels? I

    I’m in Maine and willing to drive to pick up within the New England area!
  7. Picture of Bronco sent by dealer: soft top doesn't look..right?

    My Bronco was delivered today. Of course I'm out of town and was unable to look at it today. In the picture they sent me though the soft top looks like the side above the driver and passenger door is protruding out a bit? I'll admit I haven't seen many soft tops in person. Can anyone with a soft...
  8. 2022 order summary says priority code 99

    I reserved and ordered my Bronco late in the game back in April. I knew I’d end up reordering for a ‘22. Did that yesterday, sent my build to my dealer and she sent back my build summary with a priority code 99 (my ‘21 order was not 99’d”). I asked her why it was set at that and she replied...