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  1. Let's see some group photos, no pavement allowed.

    I've been going out with our local group about 2 times a month for several months now. Lots of pics to show off.
  2. Feedback about the Tozalazz Compressor.

    Ok. I found the limitation of the @tozalazz . Yesterday I used it to air up the tires on my Bronco after a day the woods. I went from 25-40 lbs with them, one was down to 17 lbs because I hadn't tightened the valve all the way. 35/12.5017s. After they were done, I used it to air up...
  3. Difference between the HOSS 2.0 and 3.0?

    What is the thing or measurement that makes the space lift for the HOSS 2.0 not compatible with the Hoss 3.0? What's so different about the Bilsteins and the Fox components? The shock towers should be the same. The lower control arms are the same right? I just want to add an inch or two to...
  4. Shady dealer or simple mistake?

    I just traded in my 22 Wildtrak, it had been in an accident. I had a chance to order one when the banks opened in March or whenever. So I did. Another loaded 2 door Wildtrak. With everything they said not to order. A month ago or so, Ford sent me an email saying it was due to be delivered...
  5. The tri-coat (Azure Gray Metallic) that costs almost a grand to add to the Bronco. . .

    I've got a two door in the Azure Gray Metallic expected to show up at the dealership pretty soon. But we have this minivan we've had for 10 years or so. I drove it to the closest dealership that had a vehicle in that color on the lot. And Bertha's color looks kiiiinda similar to the AGM to...
  6. Buckle up Buttercup winch mount.

    Does anybody here have one to share how they like it? Is it rugged, will it hold up to a good hard pull with a 12k winch? Thanks...
  7. Tough to say no to my order that just came in.

    But I did. The Wildtrak I have was hit 3 weeks into owning it after 19 months of waiting for it. That was on January 1 of this year. Almost 16k in damages. Mostly just the front bumper, a fender and lots of interior for airbags going off. I thought I wouldn't want it anymore after it had...
  8. Traded the Big Bend in for a Subaru WRX GT yesterday.

    I did. Got a great deal on the trade. But don't worry. ;) I also got word yesterday that my Wildtrak will be built the week of Oct 3!!!!! Got my vin! So my love affair with this hot rod will be short lived. STOKED FOR MY WILDTRAK!!
  9. 2023 pricing and ordering?

    I thought the new ordering and pricing would be ready by now. Anybody know when it will be?
  10. Nothing. Just a small group photo.

    A few of our growing local group got together for burgers and a quick group photo. Good times.
  11. PNW Broncos at Avants Off Road Course

    Went today and met with some other owners for the Avants Off Road course. Didn't get many pics of the action, but did of the group. I enjoyed free hot dogs and tacos. (thanks @SuzH ) Got a ride with @BroncoPVC for a lap around the course. Good times.
  12. Who all's headed up to Dirtfish this weekend?

    Muddy times to be had. I plan to attend the morning session. https://www.avants.com/events/2022/2-19/avants-off-road
  13. Anybody else get this email from Ford that I think is a scam?

    Not sure what kind of scam, or why. But I got this invite to a local ORV park to drive the Bronco. So I signed up, seemed legit enough. But when I went to log in to see more details, it won't let me. A message comes up in red that says I've already used that username. So I looked at...
  14. Ok WA State, Greater Seattle Area. . .

    When are we getting together for that group photo of our Broncos? Maybe talk about a run to the snow or something? Any interest? Hi, I'm Eric, this is my Bronco.
  15. Washington Sold: WTB 33 inch Badlands take offs.

    I have 1500 cash for a set of wheels and tires. Will pick them up if you're not too far from Federal Way.
  16. Fast track to a new Bronco? Indeed

    Ford posted the fastest way to a delivery. So I reserved a plain jane Big Bend 4 door with a soft top. Almost no accessories. That was 8/12, a month ago. My dealership just called me to say that I've already got a vin. He was as surprised as I am. I would say the fast track really is.
  17. Difference in height, Badlands non Squatch vs Squatch.

    I'm looking at the table below and it seems to me that the HOSS suspension would be the same one included in the Squatch package available to all models. So, If I just order the 10 speed with the 4.46 with the Badlands, I can assume that adding 35s would make it have the same ride height as...
  18. First post. Leaving my Rubicon for the Bronco.

    I put in a reservation in May. I'm aware that my wait will be long. I chose the 2 door Badlands, 2.7, Auto, Squatch, Lux. For the last 9 years or so, my wheeler/Summertime convertible has been a 2004 TJ. It's fairly unstoppable, but the ride on the trails is rough on the spine to say the...