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  1. Will five Badlands take-offs fit in the back of a 4 Dr Outerbanks

    Yes, I drove from WV to CO with 5 Badlands wheels/tires and my suitcase, no issues
  2. Few quick questions about Eibach st2

    This is Eibachs set to 2.5”(Front) and 3.5” (Rear) with a TON of gear in the back. I also did the Zone Offroad UCAs. I’d definitely plan on doing UCAs too if you’re doing any sort of lift aside from leveling. I bought the kit from Panda Motorworks, if you DM them on the forum they may still be...
  3. 2022 Bronco Badlands overlander suspension upgrade from Hoss 2.0 to reduce sway and leaning while corning?

    Check out this thread, probably the best price for a set of adjustable coilovers from a legit company - https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/eibach-coilovers-now-available.49786/page-14#post-1918548
  4. 2022 Bronco Badlands overlander suspension upgrade from Hoss 2.0 to reduce sway and leaning while corning?

    I went Eibach Stage 2 coil overs so I can adjust their height to compensate for the weight better when on longer treks and then adjust them back down when heavy gear is unloaded. Still in transit but I can report back. Eibach also makes stiffer springs
  5. Eibach Coilovers NOW AVAILABLE!

    Also interested in a quote for the Eibachs, with and without some UCAs! Thanks
  6. Colorado Sold: WTB 4DR 2.3L SAS Suspension

    Based in Boulder, CO. Looking for a full Sasquatch Suspension set (4 coilovers, UCAs) off of a 2.3L 4DR Bronco.
  7. Outer Banks non-sas with Larger Tires - help

    You'll have no issues. I'm running the stock Badlands setup which run just a tad under 33" and didn't need to modify anything
  8. Are the factory rock panels worth getting?

    You can definitely get a set for $150-250 from someone near you that removed them in place of an aftermarket option
  9. Black Friday Starts Monday! 30% Off Everything!

    Their sliders are the cat's pajamas and for 30% off they're a steal!
  10. TrailRax Modular Roof Rack For Your Bronco

    Add one to your cart and it will show the options
  11. Badlands: Does anyone know if I can remove these hooks and install the shackle style? Is it a bolt on swap?

    No, you can’t just replace them. You’d need to replace your capable bumper with the MOD bumper
  12. Anyone else have this dealership experience?

    As long as they stay under the "80% rule", they're in the clear and I don't blame them one bit. You could always try to claim it as your own and flip it yourself once it arrives
  13. Ford Bronco Extended Warranty - $50 Over Cost @ Granger Ford

    Are the prices listed on https://grangerfordextendedwarranty.com/ the final quote? Or is there some additional saving? I read through the first 15 pages and got lost in the sauce. Hoping to get this in ASAP before your noted price hike Update: sent it on 7/100k PremiumCare, I'm guessing pricing...
  14. “Lucky Green” 2022 Eruption Green 4dr Base Sasquatch build

    I should have said "Wish my wife would let me have Titan7s" 😁 TE37s look amazing on any vehicle - offroad, drift, street, etc
  15. “Lucky Green” 2022 Eruption Green 4dr Base Sasquatch build

    Amazing build! Wish I could have Titan7s, period, let alone as a temporary solution :p Their T-AK1 are my dream wheel
  16. Definitive list of parts needed to swap base plastic bumper to modular bumper?

    I see probably 10+ posts a week on various Bronco parts groups on Facebook with people looking to sell the full MOD bumper setup for $300-700. I bought one off of another Forum member for $500, much cheaper than building it out new from Ford through the parts department
  17. Definitive list of parts needed to swap base plastic bumper to modular bumper?

    If you don't intend on going back to the plastic bumper, just cut your tow hooks off the existing intercooler mounts. It will save you hundreds of dollars. Plenty of people selling takeoffs all over the country. In order to run a MOD bumper you need the following: MOD bumper w/ or w/o sensor...
  18. I ditched my back drawer system!

    If you run a support piece of wood 6" from both the front and back of the frame, in the middle, you could probably get away with a 0.5" topsheet.
  19. RCI Bronco Rock Sliders Are Here!

    If you have a set of 5' and 20' that I could check out in CO I'd likely snag a set for my 4DR! Just need to see how much of a step they would provide as that's a requirement for my wife. Thanks